Tips for Fixing Your Relationship Before It Is Too Late

By | November 10, 2014

Are you having problems in your marriage or relationship? Have you tried all the possible options to fix it without much luck? These days if you scout the internet with a view to find an answer to the question how can I save my relationship before it is too late, you are bound to come across a whole lot of information from counselors, relationship experts and coaches.

In fact we have something called an information overload thanks to internet which often tends to confuse our minds rather than resolving issues. Also it requires a lot of effort and time to patiently listen, read and understand the advice that may come your way in various forms.


Problems in a marriage are a sensitive matter which involves two individuals, their emotions and desires. As soon as problems start cropping up in a marriage both partners experience emotional stress and strain. This stress stops them from seeking solution in a timely manner. It tends to keep them in the self pity mode which does not help to resolve the marital issues involved.

In this post we are going to share in some simple, brief and concise tips on how to fix a relationship before it is too late. We have put together these tips based on what people who have already reconciled and made up for differences in their marriages have said about the process of resolving marital issues. This information is largely what has already worked to patch up things between people in marriages on the brink of a divorce. We have picked these up from excerpts of books written by relationship experts and coaches.

Rough patches in marriages are not unusual. Most of the time these rough patches are mere temporary phases which get resolved with passage of time. These do not cause any major damage to a relationship.

However sometimes the rough patches get stretched.. in fact these are indications of larger problems that may crop up in a marriage if left unattended for long.

Here is how to fix a relationship before the issue becomes too difficult to resolve
1)Communicate – the first things couples do in protest of a fight or a disagreement with one another is to stop talking to each other. Marriage is a bond which cannot come to an end because of an argument. It is based on love, trust and faith. If you believe that it is a life-long thing don’t let trivial things make you stop speaking to your spouse. It is best to move on irrespective of unpleasant exchanges between the two of you. In fact if you take the lead and start speaking to your spouse immediately after a disagreement he/she will appreciate you for your magnanimous, mature behavior and feel guilty about his/her own childish one.

2)Calm your nerves before you blurt out- normally when we are in disagreement with someone we get emotionally upset. In addition to the core issue which may have caused disagreement in the first place we start arguing unnecessarily about irrelevant matters which may be out of context. Be mindful of what you say and how you say it during such times. In fact if possible avoid getting into an argument when you are not in the right frame of mind, lest you may end up saying things which you never meant to say to your spouse. Every time you speak to your spouse calm your nerves. Count 10 before you lose your cool and express anger on any issue.

3)Forget Pride– best relationships are the ones in which both partners believe in forgetting and forgiving. When going through a rough phase remember the good times when you absolutely trusted your partner and no matter what he/she said your love was unconditional. Forget your pride on petty matters. Be the first one to apologize after a fight or an argument with your (it does not matter at all if the fault was your partner’s who did not even apologize). You will be amazed at how impressed you partner will be. When you swallow your pride and take the initiative to set things right, you will make your spouse realize how much you love him/her and the kind of things you are prepared to do to please your partner.

Marriages are made in heaven but lived in the earth. Every marriage is bound to have difficulties. In fact psychologists are of the opinion that differences are good for a healthy relationship.

However don’t let the differences of opinion and disagreement with your spouse influence the love and respect which you have for your partner.

Ensure that feelings of revenge, pride and hurtful behavior do not interfere with your marriage. Most importantly believe that you can fix your marriage issues regardless of whether your relationship is going through a temporary rough phase or something more serious. Issues however serious can be resolved it is entirely in your hands, you are the crucial factor who can take action to salvage a relationship. Remember there is no definite answer to the question- when is it too late to save a relationship. If you are prepared to work and put in efforts it is never too late!

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