Is It Ever Too Late to Save a Relationship?

By | November 11, 2014

Is your marriage on the brink of a divorce? Do you want to save your marriage? What are some of the things that can help you get back from the brink of divorce and enjoy your marriage like the good old days? Here in this post we are going to share some simple things you can do to work through your rough marriage phase and salvage it for good. Make use of these and in no time you will realize that it is never too late or impossible to save a relationship

1) Stop the blame game

Marriage involves two people. To make it work well efforts are required on the part of both the partners. It is easy to get away by blaming your spouse for things going wrong in your life. But if you ponder and introspect you will be able to figure out how you could make things work differently by changing your own behavior. If are serious about figuring out an answer to the question how can I save my marriage before it is too late, first thing you must do is to stop blaming your spouse. Take responsibility for your actions without pointing fingers. Change your behavior to make your spouse respond differently. Rather than wondering what your spouse can do differently think what you can do to positively impact your relationship.

2) Start spending time with your spouse and kids

Strains in a relationship are often caused because of partners not spending enough time with each other. This frequently happens because of career demands and pressures. However busy you may be in your job remember your family is your anchor. Take time even if it is 5 minutes every day to spend with your spouse. During this time focus your attention only on your partner. Switch off your mobile phone to ensure that you pay undivided attention for the brief period the two of you spend with each other.



3) Self pity will get you nowhere

Rather than pitying yourself and wondering what the stars are in store for you start making efforts to make your marriage work. Don’t let doubts hold you back. Remember there is no definite answer to the question- is it too late to save my relationship. In fact it is never too late and you hold the answer to this question which will vary depending upon the amount of time and effort you are willing to put in to bring it back from the brink of a divorce. Self confidence and positive faith in self are things you need to ensure that you are successful in saving your marriage.

4) Stop comparing your spouse and marriage to others

Comparison will not get you anywhere. Bear in mind the fact that you married you spouse for what he/she is. You and your partner are the ones who can make or break your relationship. It does not matter if your friends have good marriages or not. The two of you can have fun and stay married provided you are prepared to make it work. Also appearances can be deceptive. What may look like a good marriage from the outside may not really be so, on the inside. So it does not really make sense to compare your marriage to others.

5) Seek professional help if required

When you are looking for help on how to save a marriage on the brink of divorce it may also be worthwhile for you to consult professional counselors and therapists who are expects in the subject of relationship. Therapists help you look at things in an unbiased manner. Things that you discuss with therapists will always be held confidential. Since the therapist is not a party at stake it is fairly easy to open up and discuss issues of marital discord with them. Your counselor or therapist will normally not hesitate to point out your personal flaws (that you may not have realized) which may be impacting the relationship with your spouse. In fact it would be ideal for you to choose one with whom both you and your spouse can consult.

We marry our partners because of certain good qualities and character traits in them. We marry because we love and respect our partners. Once married as time goes by we start taking our spouse for granted. We forget about the special qualities in our partners and stop making efforts to make them feel good. These are common mistakes which cause strains in a relationship. However not all is lost provided you are prepared to make amends. Marriage needs to be nurtured to make it work. We all have it in ourselves to make it work- we only have to figure out how.

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