Amy Waterman’s Save My Marriage Today Program- An Honest Review

By | November 9, 2014

Marriages involve two different individuals who commit to stay together for good. Some marriages last for years, in some problems crop up and get resolved fast and there are many others which get to the brink of divorce due to irreconcilable differences between the partners. In the present decade because of low tolerance level, career pressures, extra marital affairs etc more and more marriages end in a divorce.

The causes of marriages failing can be many ranging from personal differences, mid life crisis, infidelity to name a few. Many people manage to save their marriage by actually putting in timely efforts to make it work.

In case you are having problems in your marriage and don’t want to risk the possibility of being divorced, broke, lonely or let your spouse walk away with another person it is time you did something to salvage it while you still have a chance.

There is plenty of help available on how to save a marriage from divorce ranging from marriage counselors, chat forums, online forums to ebooks. In this post we have reviewed one such relationship saving ebook Save My Marriage Today by Amy Waterman.

This program promises to help people identify the most destructive things that they could be doing to their marriage. With the help of a unique psychological tweak the author of this program Amy says it is possible to get rid of bad emotions, prevent cheating, reduce negativity and detect lies in a marriage. Some of the simple things which can impact the quality of marriage like career issues, challenges which arise because of the birth of child etc are covered extensively in this system making it one of a kind marriage saving guides.

Before we get into the details of this program we would like to share some details about its author Amy Waterman. Amy is a professional writer specializing in subjects of attraction, more specifically marriage counseling and relationship guidance. She has vast experience of having helped people to

  • re-establish love,
  • fix unhappy marriages and relationships (for both men and women)
  • bring back the missing love and communication in marriages(which used to be good once upon a time

Amy the author and host of Save My Marriage Today has also co-authored and hosted a number of popular online courses such as How to Be Irresistible to Men, Make Every Man Want You More, 2nd Chance: How to Win Back the Love of Your Ex to name a few.

Specifically to fix broken marriages, marriages that are about to break or relationships on the brink of a divorce, Amy is of the opinion that individuals concerned have the power to influence and control the course of the marriage. In Amy’s words “by acting the way you want to feel rather than acting to your situation you can stop the deterioration of your marriage in its tracks and set it on the path to healing and recovery”. In effect this program teaches how by changing yourself you can actually save your marriage

Before reading futher in case you are interested in reading a free extract on The Six Most Common Reasons for Divorce & How to Stop Them Happening to You please click here

What is unique about this Program?

If you scout the internet you will come across many save marriage ebooks and guides. During the course of our research we reviewed a few such self help guides to check and compare with this guide

Here is some of the unique stuff which is covered in this program which we came across

a)Details of one of the most destructive things you could be doing to your marriage right now which may be reducing your chances of saving it.

b)Two emotions (which need to keep under control) that you may be holding onto which may be pushing your spouse away from you perhaps into the arms of another woman.

c)The 4 step formula to help prevent cheating in marriage and rebuild a stronger relationship

d)A powerful psychological tweak to reduce negative thoughts and feelings and help you view your spouse with trust, love, and happiness
e)Simple tactics to detect lies and smokescreens in a relationship.

f)Strategies to resolve marriage conflicts in a constructive and less emotionally stressful manner

g)Manner in which to respond to criticisms from a partner- how to interpret criticisms and react positively to diffuse a situation much before it goes out of control.


save marraige

Pros of the program

  • People who may be having problems in their relationships/ marriages normally will not be their emotional best. In fact many get into the depression and self pity mode from which it is difficult to come out. This ebook empowers people to take charge of their lives and relationships. It shows how to get out of the self pity mode and become confident to handle relationship in a positive manner. This we believe is one of the greatest strengths of this program as compared to other programs which teach how to avoid divorce and save your marriage.
  • Amy and her specially trained staff of relationship experts provide free one on one advice via email to specific problems faced by members who subscribe to this program. All that you need to do is to send an email to the Save the Marriage Today team giving details of your problem. You will get a prompt, frank perspective and advice from her consultants on the issue you may have raised.
  • The program is extremely laid out well and written in simple language which easy for all to understand.
  • The information provided in this guide is in a step-by-step manner which makes it really easy for users to follow.
  • This program is available for immediate download and use – no need for it to be shipped or posted.
  • This program can be used from the confines of your home in your own time. There is no need for you to seek appointments and set aside time to figure out how to bring back the lost love, romance and respect into your marriage.

Cons of the program

  • To benefit from this ebook it is not enough to just buy it. It will require a lot of personal effort and time on part of users to follow the instructions mentioned therein to benefit from it. Putting into practice the tricks and tips recommended therein will determine how far this guide will actually help people having problems with their marriage

    The Save my marriage today program is in pdf format. Users may be required to print a copy of the same for ready reference as it may not always be possible to refer to it on a computer

To keep a marriage alive it is important for both the partners involved to put in efforts. When this does not happen or if the partners take each other for granted the marriage stops growing. Relationships have to be nurtured for it to grow and flourish. Amy Watermans Save My Marriage today teaches you how to do this.

If you feel that your marriage is going through a rocky period and need help on how to save a marriage on the brink of divorce, then some of the tips and advice in this ebook can be of help to you. The relationship advice in this book is positive, balanced and based on years of real life practical experience of the author. There are plenty of lessons which teach users how to look at their lives from a different angle. With the help of practical examples users get to know simple do-it-yourself tricks to salvage relationships.

In case you are willing to go through the program and follow the instructions contained therein then this guide will be of help to you. Before subscribing to this program it may also be worthwhile for you to check out what other people who have already used this program are saying about it. To do this, visit the Save My Marriage Today website by clicking here.

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