How to Become the Pack Leader of Your Dog

By | October 28, 2014

Here in this article I have put together information which will answer the following two questions which new dog owners may be interested in knowing about. When I got my first dog I did a lot of research and made a list of questions based on what I read on the internet. The two important facts which I want to explain in this article are something which can completely, transform and change the relationship you may be sharing with your pet dog. These questions are

a) whether or not you (the master or caregiver) really need to be the pack leader?

b) whether the pack leader should be / is aggressive in his/her behavior

Do you really need to be the pack leader?

Dogs are pack animals- this is something which is natural to dogs and you cannot change this fact. Dogs perceive things like this- the pack leaders make the decisions and the followers follow.

The dog species has descended from wolf which is a pack animal. So this is something intrinsic to dogs- they were, are and always will be pack animals. It does not matter whether they are in the wild or at home. At home even if you have kids or other pets your dog will view all the members together as a pack. In the eyes of your dog the pack leader makes all the big decisions.

Now dogs as pets can be placid, obedient and easy to train or it can be a smart, difficult one. Difference between easy and difficult dogs does not have anything to do with breeds. It is entirely depends upon the character and personality of your dog which you will not be able to figure out until you get it home.

The first category of dog is just too happy to please. They simply do as their owner or caregiver instructs without questioning. They are easy to train also.

However there is nothing special that owners of placid dogs do. The fact is some dogs are simply easier to train others. That’s it! It is your luck- if you have an easy dog you can train it in matter of days and have a great dog to show off to others.

On the other hand if you happen to be the owner of a smart, driven dog then you have to be always aware of what you are doing and the messages that you are giving to your dog by action or words.

Remember dogs are sensitive, loving animals willing to please their owners at all cost. The one important secret that will hold you in a good stead while training smart, driven dogs is …

Make sure that your dog perceives, and fully understand that YOU are the pack leader at home. This is the only way your dog will listen to you. Once you establish yourself of the leader of the pack dog training can be real simple.

Coming back to my story, when I got my pet home I realized that he happened to be the brave, driven smart one. Initially I struggled.. tried everything from bribing my dog to giving in to its demands. This continued till I read up about how important it is to be perceived as a pack leader in my dog’s mind.

It was during this period that I came across a fantastic resource which showed me how to become the pack leader in my dog’s eyes in a simple, gentle manner.

Before discussing about this resource in detail I will answer the second question about aggressiveness of the pack leader.

<<<In case you are interesting in watching a free video presentation about how to go about becoming a pack leader for your dog before reading further please click here >>>

2. Should you as the pack leader be aggressive in your behavior?

As a pack leader is there a need for you to shout, hurt or smack your dog to obeying you?

No, best pack leaders are the ones who are normally calm, firm and consistent in their response. There is no need to force, confront or dominate a dog physically to establish yourself as the pack leader.

When you win your dog’s mind in a calm and gentle way your dog will accept you as pack leader naturally without any force or fear.

If you understand your dog’s mind there is no need for fear or aggression while training your dog. However if you are struggling without any formal plan to establish yourself as the pack leader chances are that your dog may never perceive you as the pack leader.

How I became the pack leader …

Let me be honest.. I did not do this all by myself. I took the help of a dog training website which taught me how to become the pack leader. The site offered me a FREE trial for 3 days (open to all) which I found really tempting and signed up for

This website has 250 videos many of which cover live consultations in people’s homes. It clearly explains how dog owners can become pack leaders in simple steps. There is a whole lot of stuff on dog training and with a 3 day $1 trial you simply can’t go wrong. In case you are serious about having a well trained dog that you can be proud of it may be worthwhile for you to take a look at the site.

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