Computer and Eyesight- How to Relieve Eye Strain Caused Due to Computers

By | November 26, 2014

Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is a temporary condition caused as a result of focusing the eyes constantly on a computer or a laptop for long uninterrupted periods of time. Symptoms of CVS include pain in the head, blurred eyesight, neck pain, redness in the eyes, dryness in the eyes, irritation in the eyes, double vision to name a few. When the lighting is not proper (i.e. glare or bright overhead lighting) or because of air moving past the eyes (e.g. overhead vents, direct air from a fan) these symptoms often get aggravated.

More and more people are now using computers. In fact the use of this wonder machine has become almost impossible. However constant use of computers can lead to eye problems. When we sit in front of a computer screen for hours together our eyes are bound get affected, stressed and tired. Following are some of the symptoms which are clear indications of eye stress or strain that may require you immediate attention.


  1. Pain on any part of the eye
  2. Tension or physical stress or a feeling of being stretched around the eyes
  3. Pain in the temples, eyebrows, eyelids
  4. Watering of eyes
  5. Eyes becoming red
  6. Eyes becoming dry and scratchy
  7. Eyes becoming sensitive to light
  8. Difficulty in looking at objects far or near
  9. Vision becoming blurred or seeing double
  10. Straining your eyes to read

human eye parts

Irrespective of whether you use computers or not these symptoms must never be ignored. In fact the sooner you attend to these problems the better it is.

Age is another factor which can worsen vision. In general people over 40 must get their eyes examined once a year to rule out eyesight issues.

For most of us who use computers, it is something which we cannot do away with. We must therefore learn to live and manage health problems that working on computers at a stretch can cause. In this post we are specifically going to share some simple things you can do to tackle vision problems.

In case you suspect that you have an eyesight issue you must

1) Get your eyes examined completely

For treating computer vision issues a thorough check up is essential at least once every year. In case you are above 40 years of age in any case eye check up must form a part of your annual health check.

2) Pay attention to lighting

This is a crucial aspect which many youngsters working in call centres/ bpos overlook particularly while working at night. Improper lighting can strain the eye muscles without your realizing it. This is basic common sense- for example when the light is insufficient you are bound to strain your eyes to figure out what you may be looking at.

3) Adjust your computer settings to avoid vision problems

When you sit in front of your computer screen you should be able to clearly see and read. For this you must sit at a safe distance which is neither too close nor too far from the screen. Your eyes should be at the same level or slightly below your screen.
Ideally the computer screen should be around 20 inches away from your eyes. The center of the screen should be about 5 inches below your eyes. Your body posture should be a comfortable one which enables you to look at things without moving forward, sideward or backward each time. Adjust the font of your computer to the levels you are comfortable with. Enlarge or compress the text font size in case you have troubles looking at it. Ensure that it is large enough with the right combination of brightness and contrast.

4)Take frequent breaks preferably outdoors

Most experts believe taking frequent break from work is one of the easiest things you can do to avoid computer vision syndrome. When you take a break your eyes get rest. The other parts of your body too like the neck, arms and shoulders can be stretched during the break time to get rid of stiffness. When you take a break, move away from your computer workstation -preferably outdoors. .

Fresh air and a change of scene can work wonders to your stressed muscles.

Ideally 4-5 short breaks away from the computer of 5 minutes each should be taken during 8 hours to relieve eye stress and strain.

In fact there is a number of special software available which can be used to remind you to take breaks at regular intervals. All that you need to do is to load this software on your computer and it will signal break reminders just in case you forget about it.

Your eyes just like any other part of your body are bound to get affected because of wear and tear. The use of computer can harm your eyes. However if you job demands it you cannot avoid the use of computers. What you can do though is to take certain precautions to reduce eye strain and stress, keep a close look out for symptoms which may be first signs of a vision problem and get it checked promptly as soon as you notice it.

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