4 Eye Relaxing Practices

By | November 26, 2014

Eye problems are becoming very common these days thanks to technological revolution. The erstwhile method of book-keeping or maintaining records manually has been replaced with computers. Computers and laptops have become a necessity and spending long hours in front of the computer screen can cause a whole lot of eye issues.

Just like the muscles of our body eyes too need to be rested. When you make the eyes work continuously without a break or rest they are bound to get tired and eventually damaged.

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The primary job of the eye muscles is to alter the shape of the eyes. Eye changes its shape so that it can focus, and move up, down, and side to side. Without proper exercise, training or rest these muscles too are bound to weaken because of being overworked. Thus we are constrained to wear glasses or artificial lenses when our eye muscles become too weak to change the shape of the eyes.

The lens of the eye becomes hard as we age thereby forcing the eye muscles to work harder. However irrespective of how hard the lens becomes the eye muscles can be trained to work normally. By learning to relax and train the muscles around the eye which control the shape of the eyeballs it is fairly simple to put the eyes to good use and avoid the need to ever wear glasses.

There are plenty of things you can do to improve your eye health. Eye relaxation exercises help to overcome strain and tension in the eyes.


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What causes strain or tension in the eyes?

The human eye consists of many small muscles that help to shorten or lengthen the eye lens enabling us to see clearly. Here are some of the signs which indicate that your eye muscles need to be rested
a) If you need to strain your eyes to read the words on this page?
b) If you need to stare more than once to figure out the word that you are trying to read
c) If your eyes are paining and you feel better when you close your eyes
d) Feel a headache coming on near the eyes or behind them

Why relax the eyes

Our mind dictates our vision too. When we about pleasant, happy things our eyes will be more relaxed. Relaxed eyes have improved focus thereby ensuring that the eye movements too are smooth. On the other hand negative thoughts can cause eye strain. When your eyes are strained you tend to stare rather than see and the movements of the eye will be jerky resulting in the eyes getting hurt.

How long does it take to relax the eyes?

It will take only about 15-20 minutes to relax the eyes. When your eyes are relaxed you will be able to see better and comprehend what you are looking or reading better/faster.

Eye relaxing practice 1

Close your eyes and visualize the pleasant things that may have happened to you today or yesterday or even before.

Visualize how happy and positive any pleasant experience had made you. It could be anything like the last beach holiday you had or a hearty meal you had cooked for your family. The idea here is to think only about pleasant experience you may have had and shut out any negative thoughts consciously for 15 minutes or so. Ensure that you keep your eyes closed during this entire time. At the end of it when you open your eyes you are bound to feel more relaxed mentally and your eyes too would have got the much needed rest.

Eye relaxing practice 2

It is proven beyond doubt now that most of the ailments humans suffer from is because of mental stress. Specifically eye problems crop up primarily because of mental strain and excess stress on the eyes.

Often when we look at things that annoy or irritate use we cause strain to eyes unknowingly. So it is important to surround us with pleasant things. You can put photographs of your loved ones or happy occasions on or around your desk at workplace. Whenever you feel low, frustrated, depressed, looking these pictures will make you feel better and help you calm down.

Eye relaxing practice 3- Palming

To do this exercise you must sit in a comfortable position. Get started by rubbing your palms together so as to generate a little heat on your hands. Cup your hands so as to cover your eyes completely and gently press your hands over closed eyes. The warmth of your hands is bound to rest/relax your eyes and make you feel better. Repeat this practice 4-5 times to completely relax your eyes.

Eye relaxing practice 4- Blinking

This practice is particularly useful for people who face computers for most part of their day. You may not realize it but when you work in front of a screen for long you blink very less or don’t blink at all. Lack of blinking experts believe, is a primary cause of eyestrain in people who use computers excessively.

This is because when we do not blink our eyes dry up resulting in scratchiness. To keep the eyes lubricated it is essential that you blink at least once every four seconds.

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