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How To Keep Control On Diabetes Without Medication?

The term diabetes refer to several metabolic disorders which if left untreated for long can result in abnormally high or low levels of glucose or sugar in the blood. Type 1 Diabetes happens when the Pancreas ceases to produce significant amounts of the hormone insulin. This normally happens due to autoimmune destruction of the insulin-producing… Read More »

Is Diabetes Curable Disease or Not?

  Is Diabetes curable disease?  No, diabetes is not a curable disease. Diabetes is a health condition. In most people this condition is an acquired one because of wrong eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle. This condition can be completely managed. However complete cure of Diabetes does not exist. Treat it just like any other ailment… Read More »

How Good is Dr Kenneth Pullman’s Online Diabetes Protocol Guide

Diabetes Protocol is an online course that teaches us just this. This program clearly explains how by adopting a healthy lifestyle and developing positive habits one can get rid of diabetes. This program does not involve the use of any medicines, drugs or any other type of medical treatment for diabetes cure.