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How To Keep Control On Diabetes Without Medication?

The term diabetes refer to several metabolic disorders which if left untreated for long can result in abnormally high or low levels of glucose or sugar in the blood.

Type 1 Diabetes happens when the Pancreas ceases to produce significant amounts of the hormone insulin. This normally happens due to autoimmune destruction of the insulin-producing beta cells of the Pancreas.

Type2 Diabetes happens because of autoimmune attacks on the pancreas and/or insulin resistance. The pancreas of a person with type 2 diabetes may be producing normal or even abnormally large amounts of insulin.

The main goal of diabetes management should be to maintain healthy blood sugar levels in the body. To achieve this goal, individuals with deficiency of insulin require insulin replacement therapy which can be administered with the help of injections or pumps. As against this Insulin resistance can be corrected with the help of dietary modifications and exercise.
Here are some useful tips on how to control diabetes without medication800px-Blood_Glucose_Testing

Weight management or maintaining ideal body weight is the first thing diabetics must aim to achieve. In case you are diabetic and overweight, losing weight should be your first priority. How can you lose weight? Losing weight will call for both physical activity as well as eating healthy.

Start initially with kind of physical activity for 30-45 minutes every day. Keep a dairy to note your weight and track your body weight on a weekly basis. Combine exercising with healthy foods which are low in calories. Maintaining a dairy for the foods you eat to record the date, time and calories intake is another thing which research has indicated is useful for people keen to lose weight.

After exercising regularly for a month or so and eating low calorie foods if you weight remains unchanged or if there is only a negligible reduction, you may have increase your level of physical activity to 60-75 minutes per day and at the same time reduce your calorie consumption further.

Any diet plan for diabetics must be aim to keep a check on the amount of carbohydrate intake. It is important to keep a close watch on portion sizes. Reducing or limiting the intake of trans-fats and saturated fats is another aspect which a good diabetics meal plan must ensure.

Ideally 50-60% of our total calorie intake should be in the form of carbohydrates or energy giving foods. In case of diabetics simple carbohydrates (sugar, refined flour and processed sweets) which are capable of causing spike in the insulin levels real fast must be totally avoided. Complex carbohydrates (whole grains, unpolished rice, oat etc which are high in fiber content) should therefore be the main source of energy giving foods for diabetics. This type of food releases glucose in the blood from the intestines real slow thus regulating the blood sugar levels.

Here it is important to understand that switching over to a very low carbohydrates diet is a strict no for diabetics. This type of diet can do more harm than good. This type of diet cannot be a balanced one and will therefore not provide the body with the essential minerals, vitamins and fiber required for overall well being.

25 to 30 percent of our daily calorie intake must comprise of fats. Mono-saturated fats (olive oil, groundnut oil, Canola) and omega 3 fatty acids (found in walnuts, fish, flaxseeds etc) are the ideal for people with diabetes. It is best to avoid foods rich in saturated fats like red meat and butter.

Proteins should make up for 10 to 15 percent of our daily intake. Typically to arrive at the exact amount of proteins a diabetic must consume, body weight should be taking into consideration. Healthy food sources of proteins suitable to diabetics include fish, egg white, chicken, soya, pulses, whole grams and low fat dairy products.

A good diabetic diet plan should include 2-3 servings of fruits and 3-4 servings of fresh seasonal vegetables. Although raw food intake is good for people with blood sugar problems excessive fruits intake is not recommended as it may lead to high blood sugar levels.

People with diabetes should also have small meals at regular intervals instead of having 3-4 heavy meals in a day. For example you could have breakfast, mid morning snack or fruit, lunch, evening tea, early night snack or fruit, and dinner.

Although diet and exercise is not a magic wand which will keep blood sugar levels in control, it can indeed go a long way to ensure that diabetics remain healthy. To summarize the key to managing blood sugar issues is to

a)Keep a check on portion sizes
b)Have 5-6 small meals spread throughout the day instead of 3-4 large ones
c)Ensure that your intake includes a healthy mix of carbohydrates, proteins and fats
d)Exercise or engage in any form of physical activity for 30-45 minutes everyday
e)Do not compromise on your sleep- if you sleep too less or too much your hormones can get disrupted. This in turn will lead to an increased appetite, increased hunger, excessive eating and perhaps enhanced blood sugar levels too.

Finally please bear in mind that despite switching over to eating healthy and following an active lifestyle your sugar levels may not be stable. It is not always be possible to control diabetes without medication. You may have to consider other remedies or medicines for keeping a check on your blood sugar levels in consultation with your health care provider.

Vert Shock Online Training Review

Vert Shock is an online vertical training course. This course aims to train people who wish to increase vertical jump. Put together by Adam Folker and Jus Fly’ Darlington this is a step-by-step vertical jump training program which anyone can make use of.

Before we get into the actual details of this training system here is a brief about its developers.

Adam Folker is a professional basketball player who graduated his high school with a vertical jump of 32 inches. Having worked with some of the renowned world trainers Adam has been teaching the art of dunking and vertical jumping for over 8 years now. Jus Fly’ Darlington the co-creator of this program has a 50.1 inch vertical. Having trained NBA players he has been crowned the world’s number top dunker on many occasions.

What is unique about Vert Shock course?

If you scout the internet you will find many online courses that promise to help you improve your vertical jump. How is Vert Shock program different from others?

It is a well known fact that the key to a crazy-high vertical jump is training the fast twitch fibers. However, there is a little-known subset of fast twitch fibers called Type II B fibers. These contract real fast and are one of the keys to creating new, explosive jumps.

So rather than increasing jump through overtraining which most jump training programs do, Vert Shock system makes use of exercises to laser-target these ‘super fibers’,. Effectively this helps to exponentially increase the inches one can add to their jump each and every week with less work. Vert Shock uses targeted explosive plyometric training to shock the central nervous system of the body into jumping higher.

In Adams words “Sure it’s important to work hard, but when it comes to your vertical, you HAVE to work smart too!”

<<<Before reading further to watch a free video presentation on how a Vert Shock Member went from nothing to dunking in matter of 7 weeks please click here>>>

What does the Vert Shock training course involve?

This training is split into 3 phases:

1 Pre-Shock Phase:

In the first 7 days of the Vert Shock program your vertical jump will increase up to 3 – 5 inches. This is called the ‘Pre-Shock’ phase and is designed to get your body ready for what’s to come.

2 Shock Phase:

Then you enter the ‘Shock’ phase which is 6 weeks long. This is the main part of the program and is where your nervous system is ‘shocked’ into leaping higher than all your friends thought possible.

3 Post-Shock Phase:

And the final phase of the program is the ‘Post-Shock’ phase. This is a full week where everything your body ‘learned’ in the previous phases becomes cemented in your muscle memory.



Vert Shock program training modules

This program includes modules on all aspects of training such as:

  • Diet – ensuring that trainees eat well and stay ultra healthy
  • Challenging, effective workouts – teaches trainees to work hard and persist
  • Progress Tracking – tracks the jump height regularly with a view to educates trainees to be consistent and patient
  • Step by step videos instructions to follow
  • Online forum which provides constant support 24/ 7
  • Full access to Adam for help and guidance at any time
  • Weekly check-ins – to promote accountability, and help trainees develop a good work ethic and consistency

Pros of Vert Shock

Vert Shock training plan is absolutely safe for people of all ages irrespective of their experience levels. It does not involve any heavy weight lifting exercises and does not stunt growth.

You won’t need to buy anything else when you enroll for this training- simply follow the program step-by-step for the results to be seen.

In this program the number of jumps per workout is less which ensures that the trainee is able to jump the highest on each rep. This trains a person’s maximum jump height and will drastically increase it. It also means that the workouts are shorter and easier.

Everything is available online on the Vert shock website for trainees to use day or night, 24/7.

When you subscribe to this course you will get instant access to all the videos, checklists, and PDF’s to get you started with your training immediately. There is no need for you to buy any extra special equipment. Nor do you have to read elaborate training material to get started.

To make use of this program no prior knowledge or experience is required. It works well for all- those experienced as well as people completely new to dunking.

Cons of Vert Shock

Since this program is available online there is always a risk of users overuse the program which can cause muscle overstress and such other harm to the body.

To achieve success with this program it is essential to follow the user guide completely.


Based on our own private research, user testimonials on the Vert Shock website and feedback on various health forums it appears that this training system based on bodyweight and plyometric exercises does help to train a person’s muscles and nervous system into jumping higher.

Backed by a money back guarantee and an excellent support team available 24 hours a day this training can help people who are willing to follow the step by step instructions contained in the training modules. Regular training is also a must in case users are keen to achieve their goals with the help of this program. This is not a quick fix training course which will work automatically without your having to do anything. It is only for people who are keen to improve their jumping abilities and at the same time are prepared to work hard and train regularly. Only if you happen to fall in this category of people will you benefit from this course. In case you are interested in checking this program out in more detail please click here.


How Good Is Numerologist.Com?

This is our second review on the subject of Spirituality and New Age Beliefs. In this review we are going to share our views, details and opinion about the website is an online resource for Numerology Education. This website provides a whole lot of things on Numerology & Astrology like customized profiles, special reports, digital books, and other specialized products. The site has been put together by people who believe that numbers can actually guide us to greater self-knowledge by revealing hidden patterns and empowering us to make sustainable, positive choices for our lives.

Founded initially by Mike Madigan over a decade ago, today has a team of experts managing it and providing Numerology Education and Life Guidance to thousands of people the world over.



The founders of this website believe that the letters of our birth name and the digits in our birth date are keys to unlock the mystery about us. When used to calculate and derive our personal numbers, we open the door to understanding ourselves in a way that will shock most of us.

Numerology is a system that makes use of numbers to represent the vibrational patterns which make up our human experience. Numerologists believe that with the help of this, it is possible to understand both universal and personal qualities that make up the different aspects of our life experience.

<<<Before reading further in case you are interested in finding out what your name and birth date say about you with your free custom Numerology Report please click here>>>

What are some of the specialized reports you can obtain from

Premium Numerology Report

This report provides a personalized insight about an individual. It is helpful for interpreting the true nature of the person, highlighting undetected talents, and predicting future circumstances. It includes 44 custom calculations based on a person’s name and date of birth. By subscribing to this report you will also get daily forecasts for 9 years.

Chinese Numerology Report

This is a fully customized 70-page report that unearths ancient secrets about a person’s inner self. It throws light on some of the intricate energies which loop in never-ending cycles throughout a person’s life.

Romantic Compatibility Analysis

This analysis is used to analyze an individual’s numbers against that of his/her lover to reveal hidden patterns, themes, and traits. It is essential to understand these to successfully gauge the inner depths of a romantic partnership. Based on what is stated in the website, this report it appears has been put to the test countless times and has already helped thousands of couples improve, and even save broken relationships.

Customized Personality Profile

This profile is designed to give a person the WHOLE picture of who they truly are. It shows how all the diverse parts of a person’s personality comes together to create the person they are. It indicates the path to be followed in order to realize a person’s full potential and build powerful allies in life.

Life & Success Snapshot

This report it is believed predicts lucrative opportunities in a person’s life, reveals motivators, and exposes the innate gifts a person is born with. This analysis is useful to maximize an individual’s potential to gain unlimited wealth and abundance.

What are some of the pros of

1. The first report you request for in this site is free. Thus it provides users ample opportunity to evaluate their requirements and check for suitability before subscribing for the paid specialized reports.

2. From testimonials we came across during our review and based on what is mentioned about this site on various forums and chat shows it appears that its numerology specialized reports indeed give all the information that is promised. The predictions and suggestions too most users believe/confirm are pretty accurate.

3.This is one of a kind site where the science of numerology and astrology have been used to help people with matters pertaining to a whole range of subjects including heart, wealth and overall well being.

4. It does not take too long to get the specialized/customized reports from this site. All that you need to do is to fill in a form online and pay for the report. The report is automatically forwarded to you by email after some time.

Cons of

1. This is not for atheists and people who do not believe in astrology, numerology etc.

2. Although the reports you get are very informative it is often bulky consisting of 70 pages or more. It can be quite tiresome to go through these in detail.

3. The reports that you obtain are all in digital format. These reports can only be procured online for which a good internet connection is a must



This website offers good quality education for users to enhance their numerological wisdom and deepen self-understanding. Other than reports it also provides free online training programs (refer the Resources page on the product website), videos, podcasts, a monthly eMagazine, regular blog posts etc.

If you believe in numbers and the fact that numerology can be of help to you may just be what you need. However if you are looking for a quick one page numerology report this may not be the best option for you. It will be useful for you only if you are prepared to read, understand and comprehend long, detailed reports spanning over a number of pages. In any case you can take your first free numerology report by clicking here and thereafter decide for yourself!

Dr James Ross Human Anatomy And Physiology Home Study Course


Normally we hear only of classroom courses on subjects like Human Anatomy and Physiology. When we came across a home study course designed to teach this subject to just about anyone and not just people of the medical fraternity we got curious. This prompted us to review Dr James Ross Human Anatomy and Physiology pdf course.

In the words of Dr Ross this course will “provide an effective and painless way to learn or review anatomy and physiology, from the chemical level through the entire organism”. The secret according to him is to follow proven lessons, mastering the subject one step at a time.

This course which can be of use to a whole lot of people ranging from Medical Practitioners, Students, Educators, Anatomists, Sports Trainers, Injury Law Attorneys, Chiropractors, Therapists, Nurses and Paramedics will help users to

  • Find out how human muscles, nerves, bones, organs, glands, connective tissue and more, function and communicate with each other.
  • Discover the molecular-level workings of your glandular, genitourinary, digestive, cardiovascular, and other systems
  • Understand comparative and cellular physiology

ana and phy

What is covered in the home study course Human Anatomy and Physiology?

Human Anatomy and Physiology course of Dr James Ross covers hundreds of medical topics spanning over 3000 pages. The course broadly comprises of 3 system components detailed below

System Component #1: Human Anatomy and Physiology

Lesson 1: Introduction to Basic Human Physiology
Lesson 2: Physiology of Cells and Miscellaneous Tissues
Lesson 3: Envelopes of the Body
Lesson 4: The Skeletal System
Lesson 5: Physiology and Actions of Muscles
Lesson 6: The Human Digestive System
Lesson 7: The Human Respiratory System and Breathing
Lesson 8: The Human Urinary System
Lesson 9: The Human Reproductive (Genital) System
Lesson 10: Cardiovascular and Other Circulatory Systems of the Human Body
Lesson 11: The Human Endocrine System
Lesson 12: The Human Nervous System
Lesson 13: The Special Senses
Lesson 14: Some Elementary Human Genetics
Ear-Eyes-Nose Injuries
Musculoskeletal System
Nursing Care Related to the Musculoskeletal System
Anatomy and Physiology Related to Clinical Pathology

System Component # 2 Drug Dosage, Therapy, Pharmacology
Drug Dosage and Therapy
Oral and Maxillofactal pathology
Pharmacology I
Pharmacology II
Principles of Epidemiology and Microbiology
System Component # 3

System Component # 3 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS

1-1 Regions of the human body
1-2 Anatomical position and medial-lateral relationships
1-3A The sagittal plane
1-3B The horizontal plane.
1-3C The frontal plane .
1-4 A “typical” animal cell (as seen in an electron microscope)
1-5 Planes of the body (exercise 14)
1-6 Directions (exercise 15).
1-7 Directions upon members (exercise 16).
1-8 A “typical” animal cell (exercise 18).
2-1 Epithelial cells.
2-2 Types of epithelial tissues
2-3 Types of muscle tissue
2-4 A neuron.
2-5 A synapse
3-1 The integument and related structures.
3-2 The integumentary derivatives (appendages)
3-3 A bursa–the simplest serous cavity
4-1 A mature long bone (femur)
4-2 A “typical synovial joint”–diagrammatic
4-3A Anterior view of the human skeleton
4-3B Posterior view of the human skeleton
4-4 A typical vertebra (superior and side views)
4-5 The human thorax with bones of the shoulder region
4-6 The human skull (front and side views)
4-7 A general pattern of the upper and lower members
4-8 The human scapula and clavicle (pectoral girdle)
4-9 The humerus, radius, and ulna
4-10 The human hand
4-11 The bony pelvis (two pelvic bones and sacrum).
4-12 The femur, tibia, and fibula (anterior views)
4-13 The human foot
5-1 Skeletal and facial muscles, anterior view
5-2 Skeletal and facial muscles, posterior view
5-3 Types of lever systems
5-4 A simple pulley (the human knee mechanism)
5-5 The skeleto-muscular unit (arm-forearm flexion (3rd class lever system))
6-1 The human digestive system
6-2 Anatomy of the oral complex.
6-3 Section of a tooth and jaw.
7-1 The human respiratory system
7-2 Supralaryngeal structures.
7-3 The larynx.
7-4 Infralaryngeal structures (“respiratory tree”)
8-1 The human urinary system.
8-2 A section of a human kidney
8-3 A “typical” nephron
8-4 The human female genital system
8-5 The human male genital system (continued) .
9-1 Scheme of blood vessels
9-2 The human heart..
9-3 Scheme of heart valves.
9-4 Cardiovascular circulatory patterns
9-5 Main arteries of the human body
9-6 Main veins of the human body
9-7 The human lymphatic system
10-1 The endocrine glands of the human body and their locations
11-1 A “typical” neuron
11-2 A synapse
11-3 A neuromuscular junction.
11-4 The human central nervous system (CNS) .
11-5A Human brain (side view)
11-5B Human brain (bottom view)
11-6 A cross section of the spinal cord.
11-7 A schematic diagram of the meninges, as seen in side view of the CNS
11-8 A “typical” spinal nerve, with a cross section of the spinal cord
11-9 The general reflex arc
11-10 A horizontal section of the eyeball
11-11 Cellular detail of the retina
11-12 A frontal section of the human ear
11-13 The labyrinths of the internal ear.
11-14 Diagram of the scalae
11-15 Diagram of semicircular duct orientation


<<<Before reading further if you would like to check out some more of the course content in detail please click here>>>

What are some of the pros of this course?

  • The different modules in the course are clearly presented, easy to follow and thorough in content
  • Each lessons ends with key facts, revision tests and solutions to reinforce learning and pinpoint weaknesses
  • Detailed illustrations along with labels have been provided to aid comprehension and retain information for long
  • According to Dr Ross this course can be used by anyone even if they do not have any previous knowledge of the subject
  • This course is in digital format available for immediate download and is compatible with both windows and Mac.
  • Being a home study course, unlike classroom learning, users need not follow any strict pattern while making use of this program. They can choose the topic depending upon their area of strength and weaknesses.
  • This was an award winning course which was earlier available only to medical professionals. It has been quite popular and has also featured on various media platforms.



Dr Ross’s claim that with the help of this course it is possible to master Human Anatomy and Physiology in 3 days or less seems a little unrealistic. Being a complex subject that requires users to comprehend a lot of technical details in our opinion it will take much longer to understand and master these subjects.

This program is available only in digital form. This implies that users will need a computer to access it unless they print a copy of the course for ready use and reference.


Human Anatomy and Physiology course by Dr James Ross is a comprehensive program comprising of training materials, course guide, illustrations, diagrams, lesson plans, training materials, tests and solutions. It is an easy to follow primer with quick study guides. Each of the topics covered in the course is linked via references to test quizzes which we believe is an excellent tool to judge how well users have understood the content and concept detailed in each topic.

Unlike classroom courses where we have instructors to explain the subject, in this course all the studying/learning will have to be done by the users themselves. This requires a lot of commitment and determination on part of the users. Based on user testimonials available on the product website and our own research it appears that this course is informative and does aim to teach the subject in a systematic, easy manner. Since it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee (you will have nothing to lose monetarily!) the best way to check if it will be of use to you is to try it out yourself. To visit the Human Anatomy and Physiology official website please CLICK HERE

What Causes Yeast Infection In Women?

Why do women get yeast infection? I searched for an answer to this question posted by many in a number of women’s health forums and chat rooms. After scouting the internet and reading up books on yeast infection I was able to put together some of the reasons for women suffering from recurring or repeated yeast infection. These include


Antibiotics it appears are one of the primary causes of yeast imbalance in our body. Also referred to as Candida Albicans, yeast resides in small number in our body. When we take antibiotics for treating any infection or ailment that we may be suffering from, the antibiotics get rid of not only the bad bacteria/yeasts responsible for the ailment it also destroy the good or healthy bacteria/ yeast required in our body. This causes yeast infection. You will be surprised to know that for many women antibiotics prescribed for conditions like UTI or Urinary tract infection can cause a yeast infection.

b)Male yeast infection

My colleague (who used to get yeast infection repeatedly) and her partner used condoms while having sexual intercourse. They were under the impression that making use of condoms will ensure that the male semen does not enter the vagina or affect it in any manner. However the real cause of her recurring yeast infection was her own fluids left over in her partner’s pubic hair or testicles which were re-infecting her again and again. It is important to bear in mind the fact that men also get yeast infection and can pass on the same to their female partners when they have sexual relations.


Women suffering from Diabetes are at a greater risk of contacting yeast infections.

d)Use of Pill

Another factor which can enhance the risk of woman getting yeast infection is the use of Pill.

e)Excessive body weight

There is some evidence to suggest that women who are obese or overweight have greater chances of suffering from infection of yeast. This could probably be because of ideal conditions (like skin fold and sweat or moisture) which encourage the infection causing harmful bacteria/ yeast to thrive and multiply fast.

f)Tight fit clothes/ undergarments made of synthetic material

Yeast thrives in warm, moist conditions. When we wear clothes which are tight fitting we sweat a lot in the thigh/groin area. Similarly when we wear underwear made of synthetic material, sweat and moisture rather than getting absorbed remains in the vagina. As a result the yeast starts multiplying in large numbers.



What you can do to prevent recurrent yeast infection?

•Wear underwear made of cotton which absorbs moisture and ensures proper air circulation in the groin/vaginal area
•Avoid wearing tight fit jeans or trousers in case you already have a yeast infection. Till such time that your infection clears up wear loose fit pants or skirts.
•Ensure to wipe from front to back after using the toilet
•Refrain from vaginal douching
•Abstain from having sex intercourse till such time that your infection clears up completely.

How to cure a yeast infection at home fast if you already have it?

In case you are making use of antibiotics to treat any other ailment that you may be suffering from consult your doctor to rule out the possibility of the antibiotics causing your yeast infection.

Get your partner also treated for a yeast infection

Make some dietary changes. Include 2-3 servings of high quality ‘probiotic’, unflavored, unsweetened, natural yogurt in our daily intake. In fact irrespective of whether you have a yeast infection or not include yogurt as a part of your daily diet. This is useful to maintain the natural vaginal flora at all times.

Stay away from sweets, sugars, alcohol, coffee and starchy foods which feed the yeast and make it grow. Similarly avoid foods which contain yeast. Ensure that you have fiber rich food and drink plenty of water to get rid of any harmful toxins in your body.

Unsweetened cranberry juice is capable of acidifying the vaginal secretion. This in turn will fight off the harmful yeast responsible for the condition. Consuming 2-3 raw garlic cloves is also an excellent home cure for yeast infection. Garlic which has strong antifungal properties can also be included in salads, soups and sauces. By scouting the internet you will be able to find many more such home remedies to cure yeast infection naturally fast.

3 Excellant Home Cures To Get Rid of BV Permanently

Bacterial vaginosis is a common condition which almost one in seven women have to put up during their fertile years. Our vagina has both good or beneficial as well as bad or harmful bacteria. The ph balance of the vagina ensures that a healthy balance is always maintained between the good and the bad bacterial. However at times the vaginal pH balance is disturbed and the harmful bacteria starts multiplying in large numbers and in fact outnumbers the good ones. This is when bacterial vaginosis happens.

Common symptoms of bacterial vaginosis or bv as it is popularly known include

  • excessive vaginal discharge which is whitish grey in color
  • sometimes with a fishy odor,
  • redness in vagina
  • itching and
  • often pain during urination

gardnella exp bv
Although medical research is yet to identify exactly what causes the bacteria to go out of balance, some of the known factors which can increase the chances of a woman getting bv include

  • having multiple sexual partners
  • excessive smoking
  • excessive douching
  • use of intrauterine devices for contraception
  • poor vaginal hygiene habits and
  • excessive consumption of alcohol

Bacterial vaginosis is not a serious or a life threatening condition. In fact in many women it goes away on its own without any formal treatment. However in some cases if left untreated for long it can become a chronic, recurring condition. Since bv happens to affect one of the most sensitive parts of our body it is best to treat bv as soon as you notice the first symptoms. There are some good home cures for bv which help in getting rid of this condition naturally.

Before getting into the actual home remedies to treat bv here are some preventive measures you can take to avoid getting bv.

BV Preventive Measures

  • Avoid contact with multiple sexual partners
  • Use cotton panties only and avoid making use of the ones made of synthetic material.
  • Avoid vaginal douching. The vaginal is a self cleansing organ which does not require douching at all.
  • Ensure that the vagina remains clean and dry as far as possible. Wash it with plain water twice a day to keep it clean.
  • If you already have bv reduce your sugar consumption.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking.
  • Switch over from IUDs to other methods of contraception after consulting your doctor.

Excellent Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Bv

1. Apple Cider Vinegar
This home remedy of bacterial vaginosis helps to increase vaginal acidity. When this happens the bad bacterial responsible for bv automatically get eliminated and at the same time the good ones start multiplying in large numbers. To make use of this natural bv remedy add a cup or two of organic, apple cider vinegar to your bath water. Soak in this water for around 15 minutes. After you bath ensure that the vagina is completely dry. Use this remedy for 3-4 days for getting rid of bv completely.

2. Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the easiest remedies for bv. There is enough scientific evidence to suggest that beneficial bacteria lactobacillus contained in yogurt is very useful to fight off bad bacteria responsible for bv and restore vaginal pH balance. In fact even if you don’t have bv, consuming yogurt on a daily basis will help maintain your overall health. To make use of yogurt for treating bv dip a cotton pad in yogurt apply it directly on the vagina. Keep the pad for around 30 minutes and wash it off with fresh, clean water. Make use of this remedy 2-3 times a day till your bv clears up completely. Instead of making use of a cotton pad( which often becomes messy) you can also dip a tampon in yogurt and insert inside the vagina for an hour or two. Consuming yogurt orally can also help in reducing bv symptom. Include at least one cup of yogurt with each of your meals – however make sure that you have the unsweetened, unflavored variety for best results.

3. Tree Tea Oil

Tea tree oil has rich anti fungal and anti bacterial properties because of which is considered as an excellent home cure for bv. While making use of tree tea oil it is essential to dilute it before use. Never make use of this in undiluted form. Read the label on the package carefully to check the instructions for using the specific brand that you may be buying. Normally a couple of tablespoon of the oil can be added to a bowl of water and used to rinse the vagina for clearing up bv.

Natural cures for bv are one of the best ways of getting rid of bv permanently. These remedies are normally safe for use and do not produce any harmful side effects. However when you make use of natural cures do not expect immediate results. It may take some time for the results to be seen. The relief though which you will get by making use of home cures for bv will be a permanent one with no chance of the condition recurring.

The CPC Practice Exam PDF – Is it Worth Your Money

In case you are planning to take the CPC exam, you should possess a reasonable level of understanding of the anatomy, physiology and medical terminologies. For this on the job coding experience is very useful.

Additionally there are many courses available for in anatomy and medical terminology both online as well as classroom ones. Also there are many programs specifically prepare you for CPC exams. One such program is the CPC Practice Exam. Fully updated in the current year based on coding books released in late 2013, it has the latest list of codes being applied currently.



What is unique about the CPC Practice Exam 2014 version?

This is a 150 question CPC practice exam which has been created bearing in mind the following three main sections of the CPC exam with a view to emulate the actual exam as far as possible.

  • Medical Concepts
  • Surgery and Modifiers
  • Remaining CPT codes

Each of these 3 sections is further divided to a number of smaller headings which are covered in this course.

Questions on the CPC exam normally are not only on medical codes. Examinees knowledge can be tested on diverse topics like

  1. Coding Guidelines
  2. Understanding of Conventions
  3. Correct Modifier Use
  4. Bundling and Global Packages
  5. Medical Terminology and Gross Anatomy.


All the above have been taken into account while constructing questions on the CPC Practice Exam.


<<<<Before reading further if you are interested in checking out some of the CPC Practice Exam Sample questions please click here>>>>

What comes with the CPC Practice Exam PDF program

150 Question CPC Practice Test
Answer Key, With Full Rationale
Scan Tron Bubble Sheets
The Exam Study Guide, including:
Common Anatomy Terminology Handouts
Common Medical Terminology Prefix, Root Word, and Suffix Handouts
The Official AAPC Proctor-to-Examinee Instructions (read out loud on the day of the exam)

Who will this program benefit the most?

The CPC Practice Exam program will be useful if you fall in any of the following category of people

a) Want to successfully pass your CPC exam in the first attempt itself
b) Want to successfully complete the exam in your retake.
c) Although thorough with the subject knowledge you need to improve your time management strategies by practicing
d) Need practice to improve your coding speed and accuracy

What are the pros of this CPC Practice Exam guide?

a) This practice test makes use of the same three main sections of the actual CPC exam. It thus prepares the examinees mentally as far as the structure of the exam is concerned.

b) Since the practice test comprises of 3 separate categories, examinees if aware of their areas of weakness can focus to category specific questions.

c) In addition to well constructed questions this program also provides full rationale for each question. The rationales basically provide the correct answer for each question as well as a full explanation as to why a particular option is correct, why other options are incorrect, and where in the medical coding books the answer can be located.

d) As the saying goes “Practice makes a man perfect” and helps calm anxious nerves too. Since this practice program is based purely on the same format, design and the content of the actual exam, many people have benefitted from it ( refer user testimonials on the product website)

e) The CPC Medical Coding Practice Exam is delivered as an electronic download (in the PDF format). This essentially means that it can be accessed immediately after the purchase. Even if it late evening and you are taking your exam tomorrow morning you can download it right away and start using it

Cons of The CPC Practice exam

Any guide or practice course which prepares a person for an exam must be actually used by the examinees. There is no point in purchasing the guide and browsing through it. It is important to understand how to use the guide and use it appropriately. This is true for the CPC Practice exam too. Unless you make use of this practice exam sincerely as if it were your real examination you will not benefit from this program.


If you are seriously looking for help to successfully get through your CPC exam (irrespective of whether it is your first attempt or a retake) AND are prepared to put in your time, effort and the make use of this course to prepare yourself it is definitely worth its price. To visit the official The CPC Practice Exam website please click here

Dr Robert Anthony’s The Secret of Deliberate Creation Program – What Is In It For You?

There was a lot of buzz surrounding a personal development audio program called “The Secret of Deliberate Creation.” of Dr Robert Anthony, renowned self-improvement authority which has prompted us to do this review.

Dr. Robert Anthony is a wealth teacher and his powerful wealth manifestation method has already benefitted thousands of people the world over. For years, his wealth course named Know How to Be Rich taught users how to train the mind for purposeful thinking which in turn resulted in manifestation of whatever they want. In the past year, he converted his Know How to Be Rich course into a new and updated one called the Secret of Deliberate Creation. In this course he clearly explains about manifesting whatever you want- money, riches, experiences, heath, relationships or career desires.

Debunking the common misconception we all have that life is a series of chance happenings, unaffected by personal choice, the author of this program claims that “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

In the words of Dr Robert – The truth is you don’t have to be ‘special’ or ‘gifted’ or smarter than the average bear to reap the rewards the Law of Attraction has to offer. This is a Universal Law that has no preference or favor. It’s there for EVERYONE to use. It doesn’t run out, it doesn’t pick and choose, it simply is. And it’s there waiting for you right now, all you need to do is learn HOW to access it and that’s exactly what The Secret of Deliberate Creation is all about.




With the help of a simple 3 step plan this program teaches users how to chart their own course to success and follow it through.

Briefly the 3 steps involve

a)to have a definite, concrete and specific desire. Dr. Anthony in this audio program has included some simple things which can easily help listeners attain this step.

b)understand how to make the Law of Attraction work to manifest the identified desire. This purely involves emotional and mental techniques which ensure affirmations, clarity of thought and clear intending.

c)manifest the desire through action. In this step users are required to act as if they already have what they desire, and that the universe deems it fit to give it to them.

The secret of deliberate creation audio course consists of 6 CDs which clearly explain the principles and processes of manifestation. The ideas, examples and exercises included in these are the same Dr. Robert Anthony uses daily in his practice with his clients.

Here is what is covered in each of the discs

Disc 1
•Quantum Physics-The Key to Creating Your Future
•The Law of Attraction

Disc 2
•How the Collective Consciousness of Others Controls Your Life
•How to Use Your Natural Inner Guidance System
•The Secret of the Flip Switch
•Introducing Your Essential Silent Partner

Disc 3
•Heart set Vs Mindset
•How to Know What You Truely Desire
•Your Creative Magnetic Energy-The Law of Critical Mass

Disc 4

•Communicating With Your ESP
•Understanding Time and Your “Point of Power”
•Allowing Vs Resisting

Disc 5
•Removing Self-Sabotage and Mental Blocks
•Let Go and Let It Happen

Disc 6
•How to Know When Its Time To Take Action
•The Road To No More Excuses
•The Ultimate Secret To Creating Your Life by Design

What you will learn from the Secret Of Deliberate Creation System

a)How to identify and capture the negative thinking and turn it into positive results

b)How to chart your own course to success and follow it through.

c)How to change the self-talk and labels we have for ourselves by adjusting our subconscious to working with us for a better future

d)How to change the labels we give ourselves

e)How to eliminate the self-sabotaging barriers that keep us struggling to achieve our goals

f)How to restructure your life into being a winner

Pros and cons of this program


Dr Robert Anthony’s the secret of deliberate creation audio program has been put together by a person considered to be a renowned expert on the power of the mind. He has written several books on self help including “Total Self-Confidence”, and “Beyond the Law of Attraction” which has already helped thousands of people the world over get over their inhibitions and attain personal success in whatever they desire.

This program encourages users to develop a positive mindset by using their own powerful subconscious mind. It does not advocate the use of any other special technique, drugs, medicines ets

Information has been presented on this program in such a way that it is not only easy to understand but fairly simple to implement too.

This self help program can be accessed by anyone from the comfort of their homes without visiting any institute or counsellor


Users who have read extensively about the subconscious mind and law of attraction may find some of the information in this book very basic.

Also, if you have already enrolled for any of Dr Anthony’s oghdf courses or read his books, you will find that information in this course is somewhat similar to what information provided in those course/ books


Based on user testimonials, feedback documented in online forums and chats discussion it appears that this program is quite popular and actually delivers what it promises. Needless to say the success of any self help course depends to a large extent on how well it is implemented by users. Subscribing to the course alone will not help. It is important to understand the course material and put it into practice. In case you are interested in signing up for the course please visit the official The Secret of Deliberate course website by clicking here.

Guilt-Free Desserts Recipes E-book- Is It Worth Buying

For those of you who are health conscious and keep wondering “how to have the cake and be well too” this may be an interesting read.
Till not so long ago there were there very few truly healthy dessert options. In fact, most so-called ready to eat “healthy” desserts, which are found in the market are anything but that. Those labeled “low fat” are packed with sugar. And while the “low carb” options might have less sugar, however it may be laden with chemicals, artificial sweeteners which taste awful… and are even WORSE for your health!

However if you are prepared to make your own desserts there is a healthy option available now. Kelley Herring, Founder & CEO of Healing Gourmet and her team- the world’s leading provider of organic, sustainable recipes and meal plans for health and weight loss have come out with some divinely delicious dessert recipes, made with natural ingredients that you could enjoy without a moment’s guilt.

According to Kelly, her team began their mission with the aim of creating recipes which were not only healthy but extraordinary in taste too. They began by collecting dozens of the most decadent dessert recipes including all time favorites… brownies, pumpkin pie… carrot cake, custards and soufflés… .

Next they went about removing every ingredient from these recipes that was unnatural or refined, as well as anything that had the ability to spike the blood sugar levels or cause the human body to store fat. After substituting these ingredients with proteins, healthy fats and fiber (in Kelly’s words “metabolic power ingredients” which help to keep blood sugar stable) the team tested dozens of these all-natural ingredients in over 50 different dessert recipes.

After tweaking the ingredients and proportions they were able to give each of these classic dessert recipes a total health makeover, while keeping all the moisture, taste and decadent sweetness!

These delicious desserts recipes with all-natural, low glycemic ingredients have been put together in the Guilt Free Desserts Guide


guiltfree dessert

What’s Exactly Does the Guilt-Free Desserts Recipes Book contain?

  • 50 all-natural, Gluten free & low-Glycemic dessert recipes.
  • Tips you need to makeover your favorite family desserts… with just a few simple substitutions to ensure that it is healthy and tasty too
  • Information on latest baking ingredients and how to use these inexpensive and readily-available products in your own kitchen.

How Will this Guide Help You?

In the Guilt Free Desserts book Kelly has given a whole lot of unique information for all to access. It is a one point reference book loaded with information and less heard of stuff like

  • What “sugar alcohols” are… which to avoid, which to use and how to use them
  • Details of an amazing fiber which adds a “cotton-candy” sweetness and creamy mouth feel to desserts… while feeding the beneficial bacteria in your gutAn organic sweetener has zero calories and no glycemic impact and can replace sugar cup for cup
  • How to add “invisible fiber” to your desserts, without changing the flavor, texture or preparation
  • The “sweet equivalents” of five all-natural low-carb sweeteners… so you’ll know just how much to use and how they compare to sugar
  • A “secret” canned ingredient sitting in your cabinet today which can provide a boost of protein and a light, springy structure to baked goods
  • The brand new, all-natural sweetener you can find in your local supermarket that combines two ingredients to perfectly match the taste of sugar
  • How to use natural “gums” to improve the texture and structure of baked goods… as they help to improve your digestion and keep your blood sugar on an even keel
  • A type of sugar that that can lower cholesterol and triglycerides and even improve blood sugar metabolism
  • Which sweetener can add a rich, caramel taste to baked goods… with only half the glycemic impact of brown sugarfoods


Pros of Guilt-free Desserts Recipes pdf e-book

  • This recipes in this book are in simple English language and very easy to follow
  • Ingredients for preparing the desserts listed in this book are neither fancy nor difficult to procure- most of these can be normally found in any local grocery store
  • In the guilt free desserts pdf ebook you will find information about 12 different ingredients which can be used to “bind” baked desserts together without the use of eggs without compromising on taste or texture
  • True to its title all the recipes are low in glycemic index, naturally healthy and effective for weight loss too
  • All the recipes in the guide come with a picture of the final dish
  • This product is currently offered with money back guarantee which means that if you are unhappy with the result for any reason whatsoever, you can return you copy in 60 days and get your money back.

Cons of Guilt Free Dessert Recipes

  • Kelly Herring’s guilt free deserts is designed and documented in a pdf format. Hence unless printed in a hard copy form for ease of access, it may require users to keep accessing their computer to refer to the recipes
  • It is important to stick to the instructions, measurements and guidelines contained in this ebook failing which the desserts may not turn out exactly as they are supposed to be.


Based on user testimonials on the product website, online communities and forums, and based on our own private research it appears that the guilty free dessert book is a good option for preparing healthy, tasty desserts. The only way for you to find out if it will be useful for you personally is to try it out yourself. To visit the official website PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Simple Tips to Make Low Sugar Gluten Free Deserts At Home

The glycemic index is a measurement scale ranging from 1 to 100 which rates foods items we eat on the basis of how it affects our blood sugar levels. Foods which are 70 or more on this scale are considered to be high-glycemic foods, capable of spiking our blood sugar levels real fast. Medium-glycemic foods are those rated between 56 – 69, and low-glycemic foods are those which are 55 or less on this scale.
Although eating sweets by itself will not cause diabetes, if you have diabetes it is important to keep a check and monitor your carbohydrates intake which includes sugars found in desserts.

This does not mean that diabetics cannot have desserts at all. Even if you have diabetes you can have desserts in moderation. However what is important is for you to understand how consuming deserts can impact your blood sugar. This way, you will, over a period of time be in a position to judge not only which desert but also the quantity of intake that can cause a spike in your blood sugar levels.

How to ensure that the deserts you consume have a low glycemic index?

In case you happen to enjoy baking yourself the options available to you are plenty. You can do simple things like including whole food ingredients, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, dairy products and whole grains for baking your deserts.

In this article I am going to share many more simple tricks which you can use to make low sugar gluten free deserts on your own at home. But before that a word of caution here- when you buy ready to eat desserts please read the product labels carefully. You will be surprised to know that items labeled as “low fat” may actually be packed with sugar. Similarly those labeled as “low carbs” may have less sugar content but have artificial sweeteners capable of damaging your health in more ways than one!


Sugar adds sweetness to our deserts. It is also useful to add bulk, moisture, crisp texture or crunchiness. White sugar is not considered to be a healthy option to use while cooking or baking. Thanks to scientific research it is possible to replace white sugar with other healthier options in our deserts today. I am going to share in this post detail of these natural options.

Some of the natural sugar substitutes which can easily be added to deserts are Erythritol, Xylitol, Luo Han Guo and Palm Sugar. These substitutes for sugar will add sweetness without shifting your body into the fat storage mode. Since these are low in glycemic index it will not have any significant impact the blood sugar or insulin levels.

Excellent desserts can also be made from fruits. Dessert recipes based on fresh fruits will help you to cook low carbohydrate dessert which will not only be nutritious but also delicious at the same time. Fruits are naturally sweet and rich in fiber content. Consuming fruits thus helps to keep your blood sugar levels stable. Berries such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries can be used in raw form as toppings for cakes and pastries.

Before reading further in case you are interested in getting your copy of Guilt-Free Desserts which has 50 All-Natural, Gluten-Free, Fail-Proof, Low-Glycemic Desserts please click here


Healthy flours

Refined white flour which is normally used for baking, cooking is made from whole wheat grains. The wheat husk and bran (the most nutritious part of wheat rich in fiber) is peeled off completely before crushing it to obtain the flour. The flour which we finally get after the wheat is crushed is also chemically bleached in the end. Refined flour is therefore full of carbs. Any food made with refined white flour is therefore very high in glycemic index. These include pastas, noodles, breads, biscuits, cookies, cakes, candies, chocolate, pizza breads, garlic breads, muffins, etc.

Is there a healthy, low glycemic, gluten free option which can be used instead of refined white flour?

Nut flours are being advocated as an excellent alternative to refined flour by nutrition experts these days. Nut flours are gluten free and low in carbohydrates too. Some of the nut flours which can be used for cooking, baking are:

Almond Flour: obtained from almonds, this can be easily used to cook up cakes, cookies and pancakes too. In case you are able to make this flour at home well and good. Else you can procure “blanched” almond flour easily available in most health food stores. Blanched almond flour does not contain almond skin and lends an excellent texture unlike the un-blanched flour which often leaves an undesirable aftertaste to cooked, baked foods.
Ensure that you store all nut flours in airtight containers. Keep it away from light, heat by storing it in airtight bags the refrigerator.

Coconut flour: recent scientific studies have highlighted exceptional nutritional properties of coconut. Although coconut flour may look fluffy or very light in physical appearance it is actually dense flour rich in fiber. It is important to bear in mind this fact while adding it for baking purposes. One a small quantity is required to be added for baking.

Hazelnut and Pecan Flour are rich compared to other nut flours. It may therefore be worthwhile to make use of it in combination of flours like the almond. Hazelnut flour is excellent for baking cookies and pie crusts of all types.

There are over 11 different varieties of gluten-free, low-glycemic flours that are very healthy. Not only do these lend buttery richness and feel-good flavor but are also low in fat. In case you are interested in knowing more about all these varieties of flour in detail please click here.