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Carol Foster’s Ovarian Cyst Miracle Program Review

Do you suffer from pcos?

If so then you will be surprised by how a chronic pcos sufferer managed to treat her condition naturally and has put together a program on “How to cure pcos permanently” for the benefit of others who may be suffering like her

Ovarian Cyst Miracle 

Carol Foster’s Ovarian Cyst Miracle Program has been around for some time. She herself used to be a chronic pcos sufferer a few years ago. We decided to review her hugely popular ovarian cyst miracle treatment program when we across some raving review about her natural cure for pcos.


Ovarian Cyst Miracle Treatment Product Review

Ovarian Cyst Miracle aims to provide women with a natural alternative to treat pcos.

Carol Forster’s program guarantees to eliminate ovarian cysts naturally and provide relief from pcos symptoms in matter of 30-60 days.

Based on feedback from women who have already used this program and product claims it appears that it works to actually provide relief from pcos within the said time period

Here are a couple of success stories ….

Success Story #1: Joanne Spacey

“My ovarian cyst has vanished…completely!”

“Dear Carol, I don’t know what I would have done without your help. I’m 32 years old and about 7 months ago my doctor confirmed that I had a 2.9″ ovarian cyst after weeks of unbearable yet unexplainable pain. I took prescription medications and contraceptives for several weeks only to find out that my cyst grew to 3.4”. My doctor then suggested that I had my cyst removed surgically and have even told me that the removal of the entire right ovary might be required. It was a nightmare. The thought of having my ovary removed and never be able to have children was unthinkable.

When I got home, I surfed the net searching for answers out of desperation, as I accidentally found you site (was it faith?). While I was skeptic at first, I took the chance and ordered your wonderful book. I immediately started step 1 and threw away those awful medications and contraceptives. In less than 5 days, the pain on my right side was GONE and I felt exceptionally good. 7 weeks later and after completing step 3 of your program, my doctor performed another ultrasound and to my utter surprise my ovarian cyst has vanished…completely!

Today, whenever I hear women talk about ovarian cysts I want to run up and tell them about your system. You have been a true friend all the way and I have no words to express my gratitude. God bless you!” April 2006

— Joanne Spacey, Age 32, 3.4″ Cyst (California, USA)

The above are ‘before and after’ pictures of Joanne Spacey , one of my customers from the U.S.A. These pictures show how quickly and dramatically your ovarian cysts can dissolve by following the holistic step-by-step system within Ovarian Cyst Miracle™.

Success Story #2: Donna Hobbs

“Now, 10 weeks later, the ultrasound says it all. I am
finally free from my ovarian cysts. What a relief!”

“Dear Carol, I wanted to thank you and share a bit of my story. I’m 38 years old and I wish I had your information back in 2006 when I lost an ovary because of a fairly
large 4.2” ovarian cyst.

Even though the surgery went well, I still developed 2 medium sized ovarian cysts about 11 months later (I have attached the ultrasound to this message) along with severe sudden pain attacks on my lower back and right side. I was on the road to surgery again but this time I decided to go on a battle. There was simply no way I would lose my other ovary. Out of sheer luck, a friend recommended your website and after short reading I knew that this was exactly what I was praying for.

After several days of following your program, I have ditched all the pain killers. I didn’t need them anymore. By the 7th week I felt better than I felt in years. Now, 10 weeks later, the ultrasound says it all. I am finally free from my ovarian cysts. What a relief! God bless!”
October 2007

— Donna Hobbs, Age 38, 2.5″ Cyst (United Kingdom)

The above are ‘before and after’ pictures of Donna Hobbs , one of my customers from the U.K. These pictures show how quickly and dramatically your ovarian cysts can dissolve by following the holistic step-by-step system within Ovarian Cyst Miracle™.

Why go in for ovarian cyst miracle?

PCOS is not a life threatening condition. And medical help for this condition is easily available. Why then should women opt for this all natural ovarian cyst treatment?

  • Conventional treatment for pcos involving medicines provides merely symptomatic relief. As soon as the effect of medicines wears off the condition reappears. As against this natural treatment program like Ovarian Cyst Miracle concentrates on eliminating the root cause of pcos in a systematic manner. Once the primary cause of ailment is eliminated you get rid of the condition for GOOD!
  • For chronic pcos sufferer natural remedies work better as compared to conventional medication. Ovarian cyst miracle is designed to provide chronic pcos sufferer permanent relief by making use of natural cure for pcos treatment.
  • Based on customer testimonials and popularity of the program it appears that the program in fact delivers what it promises- complete permanent pcos cure naturally within 30-60 days.
  • PCOS can happen due to multiple factors. Hence to get rid of the condition any one remedy will not work. Multifaceted programs like Ovarian Cyst Miracle which aims to correct each and every possible cause of pcos in a woman in a systematic matter is what will finally work to get rid of the condition permanently.

Before reading further in case you are interested in watching a free video presentation on an unusual tip to quickly eliminate ovarian cysts and gain permanent freedom from pcos in 30-60 days please click here


What is ‘Ovarian Cyst Miracle & what’s unique about it ?

This is an intelligent, scientific approach aimed at getting PCOS under control. The final objective of this program is to eliminate ovarian cysts in women completely within few short weeks (depending on the severity). It also teaches users how to prevent PCOS and ovarian cysts recurrence.

The Ovarian Cyst Miracle is a 100% natural, safe, and powerful treatment that permanently eliminates the ROOT cause of ovarian cysts.

According to Carol Ovarian Cyst Miracle program is NOT another drug, birth control or supplement. It is not the usual diet and herbal supplementation programs or another cream or over the counter medication that most women pass around. It is not a medical procedure either.

Carol after years of extensive research figured out that Ovarian Cysts are triggered by multiple internal factors. Hence the condition can only be treated by tackling all of those internal elements responsible for ovarian cyst formation. There is no point in calming the pain, taking birth control pills, hormones or removing the cyst or the ovary with surgical procedures (that are not 100% guaranteed and have their risks and complications) or by using any other way the ignores the REAL cause of ovarian cysts .

Hence her program is based on the fact that the only way you can ever eliminate ovarian cysts, prevent its recurrence and get rid of PCOS is by correctly diagnosing the condition from within by listening to what your body is trying to tell you, work with it and free yourself.

Our conclusion

If you suffer from recurring pcos and need a solution for curing pcos naturally Ovarian Cyst Miracle is a good option.

As mentioned earlier this is nothing like conventional treatment which involves use of medicines drugs etc. So if you believe in getting rid of an ailment the medical way this program may probably not suit you.

For everyone else

If you are keen to try out an all natural treatment method for pcos you can consider Ovarian Cyst Miracle which has a proven track record of helping chronic pcos sufferers get rid of pcos naturally fast.

Here’s what some of Carols’s customers had to say:

Success Story #15: Nicole Terry

“Very informative resource that actually works. I finally
became pregnant…”

Hi Carol, it’s nice to know that there are people like yourself who enjoy helping other ovarian cysts sufferers.

Your program preaches on the holistic way, where the body is treated as a unified whole and the disease is a part of that complexity and that is the first thing that appealed to me. You don’t advocate quick fixes or magic cures like many of the snake oil marketers out there. I love your honesty and identified with your personal story. Anyways, the natural way is not that quick, but it produces results and very impressive ones I must say…all of the annoying ovarian cysts pain that haunted me all those years just vanished. Really!

When I started reading your book early last year, I discovered that I knew some of the protocols you talked about, but I still wasn’t using them because I didn’t understand the idea behind it and why it was important to do it. I think that is one of the most significant things I learned from your program – the WHY behind the what to do. I also learned a lot of new information about my internal system and overall health with tremendous results. On top of it all, I got pregnant after years of struggle with my baby Dean (see picture attached).”

With much appreciation…”

— Nicole Terry, Age 39, and her baby Dean (Melbourne, Australia)

Success Story #16: Tarja Seeck

“This book is an absolute must for all types of ovarian
cyst sufferers out there!”

“Carol, You must get dozens of letters like this every day, but THANK YOU for your efforts and time you put into making this system and for your very informative advice! This book is an absolute must for all types of ovarian cyst sufferers out there! The natural way is so much more logical to me and works fast I must admit. Since I started your program I have trashed all the OTCs and pills I had in my medicine cabinet. What’s more important is that your approach; the holistic approach helped me eliminate my ovarian cyst where it starts by fixing the root cause. How stupid was I to think conventional medications can cure anything…using your safe and well constructed natural system, I feel like a new woman and I’m also blessed with a whole host of other health benefits as well.

So, thank you. After more than 2 years of frustration and agony, your book was the last piece of the puzzle I needed. This change is something you feel right to the core of your being.

THANK YOU, I feel so much better.”

— Tarja Seeck, Age 37, 3.5″ Cyst (Finland)


To visit the official Ovarian Cyst Miracle Website Please Click here


Ted Mcgrath Teds Woodworking 16,000 Plans

In case you happen to be a person who has always wanted to create a woodworking project on his/her own easily, quickly Ted’s woodworking may just be what you need? Tedswood working has clearly drawn out plans and step-by-step instructions on how to carry out wood projects plan to enable even woodworking at home. To get a new woodworker started with any project of his/her choice, this program comes with all the necessary information including schematics, blueprints, materials lists, dimensions etc..

Who has developed these plans?

Ted Mcgrath a professional woodworker has developed this site and put together a collection of over 16,000 plans in one package deal.

Ted too was an inexperienced wood worker like most of us. In fact he decided to take up this profession only after his father’s death. He invested a lot of money on expensive resources like woodworking books and magazines to get him initiated into basics of woodworking to start off with. However he did not gain much from these. It was only after he met a local carpenter that he learnt about woodworking and improved his woodworking skills. Thereafter he decided to help other people improve their woodwork skills by creating step by step project plans for every wood project he executed. His first project was a bird house with 13 people which was very well received. He then went on to create a vast database of detailed blueprints which is now available for immediate download Ted’s Woodworking

Before reading further in case you are interested in watching a free video presentation about TedsWoodworking 16,000 Plans please click here


What is Ted’s Woodworking?

In Ted’s Woodworking there are over thousands of organized woodworking projects in the Members area. You can access these anytime on your computer from the comfort of your home/office etc. There are thousands of plans for any given project available for users to pick from. The plans come with diagrams and instructions which can also be printed for ease of use and reference.

Ted claims that irrespective of the level of experience members will be able to make use of his plans. According to him both inexperienced as well as experienced woodworkers can easily understand and implement Ted’s Woodworking plans directions with ease.

For new woodworkers Ted has provided with material lists, sectional diagrams and step by step woodworking details for executing projects. Also the project range covered in the plan consists of big, small, intricate, simple and complex designs. Members can choose any of these depending upon their own woodworking abilities and experience.

What is unique about Teds Woodworking?

Teds Woodworking consists of 16,000 well structured and organized plans that are simple to understand, interpret and follow. It consists of plans for a whole lot of things ranging from simple toy box to complex computer tables. The plan comes with clear cut pictures of designs for members to choose from. Basically it has everything that will enable members to visualize what the end product of their efforts would look like.



Pros of Teds Wood Working

  • In Ted’s Woodworking you will get everything you need to get started with your woodworking like:
  1. Diagrams which are detailed with a full set of dimensions
  2. Step -by-step instructions to start a project
  3. The necessary materials for a particular project
  4. Woodworking tools lists providing details of equipments, tools that will be required
  • In addition to reading material/plans there are videos included in this program which guide members on a number of wood projects like how to build benches, home furniture, dog houses, bird feeders, sheds etc.
  • There is a lifetime member access included in the package which will enable members to stay updated with what is happening in this website lifelong
  • There is an option available to download woodworking DVDs which makes it easier to view and make use of plans which are big in size.



This program consists of around 16000 plans. When viewed for the first time members are bound to get lost and kind of at a loss as to how to place the plans in appropriate categories for use.

Bottom line

Based on our own research and member testimonials available online it appears that this woodworking program is worth its money.

Let’s face it- today on the internet it is possible to get free access to many things including woodworking online. However not all of these plans which you will get for free are complete in all respect and therefore ready to use.

While some may have missing elements others may not be comprehensive enough. It may not contain diagrams, illustrations or step by step instructions for novices to follow through. It is in this regard that Teds Woodworking plans stand out as compared to others. Over 3763 hobbyists, beginners, craftsmen and professionals have made use of Teds Woodworking blueprints, plans and step-by-step directions to create stunning, professional woodworking projects, effortlessly and on time. Should you be interested in joining this group of people please click here.

Computer and Eyesight- How to Relieve Eye Strain Caused Due to Computers

Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is a temporary condition caused as a result of focusing the eyes constantly on a computer or a laptop for long uninterrupted periods of time. Symptoms of CVS include pain in the head, blurred eyesight, neck pain, redness in the eyes, dryness in the eyes, irritation in the eyes, double vision to name a few. When the lighting is not proper (i.e. glare or bright overhead lighting) or because of air moving past the eyes (e.g. overhead vents, direct air from a fan) these symptoms often get aggravated.

More and more people are now using computers. In fact the use of this wonder machine has become almost impossible. However constant use of computers can lead to eye problems. When we sit in front of a computer screen for hours together our eyes are bound get affected, stressed and tired. Following are some of the symptoms which are clear indications of eye stress or strain that may require you immediate attention.


  1. Pain on any part of the eye
  2. Tension or physical stress or a feeling of being stretched around the eyes
  3. Pain in the temples, eyebrows, eyelids
  4. Watering of eyes
  5. Eyes becoming red
  6. Eyes becoming dry and scratchy
  7. Eyes becoming sensitive to light
  8. Difficulty in looking at objects far or near
  9. Vision becoming blurred or seeing double
  10. Straining your eyes to read

human eye parts

Irrespective of whether you use computers or not these symptoms must never be ignored. In fact the sooner you attend to these problems the better it is.

Age is another factor which can worsen vision. In general people over 40 must get their eyes examined once a year to rule out eyesight issues.

For most of us who use computers, it is something which we cannot do away with. We must therefore learn to live and manage health problems that working on computers at a stretch can cause. In this post we are specifically going to share some simple things you can do to tackle vision problems.

In case you suspect that you have an eyesight issue you must

1) Get your eyes examined completely

For treating computer vision issues a thorough check up is essential at least once every year. In case you are above 40 years of age in any case eye check up must form a part of your annual health check.

2) Pay attention to lighting

This is a crucial aspect which many youngsters working in call centres/ bpos overlook particularly while working at night. Improper lighting can strain the eye muscles without your realizing it. This is basic common sense- for example when the light is insufficient you are bound to strain your eyes to figure out what you may be looking at.

3) Adjust your computer settings to avoid vision problems

When you sit in front of your computer screen you should be able to clearly see and read. For this you must sit at a safe distance which is neither too close nor too far from the screen. Your eyes should be at the same level or slightly below your screen.
Ideally the computer screen should be around 20 inches away from your eyes. The center of the screen should be about 5 inches below your eyes. Your body posture should be a comfortable one which enables you to look at things without moving forward, sideward or backward each time. Adjust the font of your computer to the levels you are comfortable with. Enlarge or compress the text font size in case you have troubles looking at it. Ensure that it is large enough with the right combination of brightness and contrast.

4)Take frequent breaks preferably outdoors

Most experts believe taking frequent break from work is one of the easiest things you can do to avoid computer vision syndrome. When you take a break your eyes get rest. The other parts of your body too like the neck, arms and shoulders can be stretched during the break time to get rid of stiffness. When you take a break, move away from your computer workstation -preferably outdoors. .

Fresh air and a change of scene can work wonders to your stressed muscles.

Ideally 4-5 short breaks away from the computer of 5 minutes each should be taken during 8 hours to relieve eye stress and strain.

In fact there is a number of special software available which can be used to remind you to take breaks at regular intervals. All that you need to do is to load this software on your computer and it will signal break reminders just in case you forget about it.

Your eyes just like any other part of your body are bound to get affected because of wear and tear. The use of computer can harm your eyes. However if you job demands it you cannot avoid the use of computers. What you can do though is to take certain precautions to reduce eye strain and stress, keep a close look out for symptoms which may be first signs of a vision problem and get it checked promptly as soon as you notice it.

4 Eye Relaxing Practices

Eye problems are becoming very common these days thanks to technological revolution. The erstwhile method of book-keeping or maintaining records manually has been replaced with computers. Computers and laptops have become a necessity and spending long hours in front of the computer screen can cause a whole lot of eye issues.

Just like the muscles of our body eyes too need to be rested. When you make the eyes work continuously without a break or rest they are bound to get tired and eventually damaged.

human eye

The primary job of the eye muscles is to alter the shape of the eyes. Eye changes its shape so that it can focus, and move up, down, and side to side. Without proper exercise, training or rest these muscles too are bound to weaken because of being overworked. Thus we are constrained to wear glasses or artificial lenses when our eye muscles become too weak to change the shape of the eyes.

The lens of the eye becomes hard as we age thereby forcing the eye muscles to work harder. However irrespective of how hard the lens becomes the eye muscles can be trained to work normally. By learning to relax and train the muscles around the eye which control the shape of the eyeballs it is fairly simple to put the eyes to good use and avoid the need to ever wear glasses.

There are plenty of things you can do to improve your eye health. Eye relaxation exercises help to overcome strain and tension in the eyes.


human eye parts

What causes strain or tension in the eyes?

The human eye consists of many small muscles that help to shorten or lengthen the eye lens enabling us to see clearly. Here are some of the signs which indicate that your eye muscles need to be rested
a) If you need to strain your eyes to read the words on this page?
b) If you need to stare more than once to figure out the word that you are trying to read
c) If your eyes are paining and you feel better when you close your eyes
d) Feel a headache coming on near the eyes or behind them

Why relax the eyes

Our mind dictates our vision too. When we about pleasant, happy things our eyes will be more relaxed. Relaxed eyes have improved focus thereby ensuring that the eye movements too are smooth. On the other hand negative thoughts can cause eye strain. When your eyes are strained you tend to stare rather than see and the movements of the eye will be jerky resulting in the eyes getting hurt.

How long does it take to relax the eyes?

It will take only about 15-20 minutes to relax the eyes. When your eyes are relaxed you will be able to see better and comprehend what you are looking or reading better/faster.

Eye relaxing practice 1

Close your eyes and visualize the pleasant things that may have happened to you today or yesterday or even before.

Visualize how happy and positive any pleasant experience had made you. It could be anything like the last beach holiday you had or a hearty meal you had cooked for your family. The idea here is to think only about pleasant experience you may have had and shut out any negative thoughts consciously for 15 minutes or so. Ensure that you keep your eyes closed during this entire time. At the end of it when you open your eyes you are bound to feel more relaxed mentally and your eyes too would have got the much needed rest.

Eye relaxing practice 2

It is proven beyond doubt now that most of the ailments humans suffer from is because of mental stress. Specifically eye problems crop up primarily because of mental strain and excess stress on the eyes.

Often when we look at things that annoy or irritate use we cause strain to eyes unknowingly. So it is important to surround us with pleasant things. You can put photographs of your loved ones or happy occasions on or around your desk at workplace. Whenever you feel low, frustrated, depressed, looking these pictures will make you feel better and help you calm down.

Eye relaxing practice 3- Palming

To do this exercise you must sit in a comfortable position. Get started by rubbing your palms together so as to generate a little heat on your hands. Cup your hands so as to cover your eyes completely and gently press your hands over closed eyes. The warmth of your hands is bound to rest/relax your eyes and make you feel better. Repeat this practice 4-5 times to completely relax your eyes.

Eye relaxing practice 4- Blinking

This practice is particularly useful for people who face computers for most part of their day. You may not realize it but when you work in front of a screen for long you blink very less or don’t blink at all. Lack of blinking experts believe, is a primary cause of eyestrain in people who use computers excessively.

This is because when we do not blink our eyes dry up resulting in scratchiness. To keep the eyes lubricated it is essential that you blink at least once every four seconds.

Training A Puppy To Walk On A Leash Without Pulling

If you are like me who got a sore shoulder from my dog pulling and yanking me down the street, then this post may be an interesting read for you.
Trust me when I got my pup home initially I used to dread to walk my dog. I checked with my friends who already owned pups as to how to train a puppy to walk on leash without pulling. I got a lot of advice but most of it did not seem to work. Leash training a puppy that pulls requires much more than mere verbal advice of dog owners.

Finally I did manage to train my pup to walk without pulling- it took me a couple of months to learn the dos and don’ts. Here for the benefit of others like me who may be looking for advice on how to stop your dog from pulling on the leash I have summarized my learning.

To train a dog to walk by your side without pulling it can take any amount of time ranging from 5 minutes to 5 months!
Before reading further in case you are interested in checking out how it can be down in as little as 5 minutes please BELOW

Just like the dog in the above video if your dog too gets charged up as soon as it realizes that it is about to be taken for a walk, it will not be easy to train it to walk beside you. In fact you should pacify your dog and ensure that it is calm before you head out. How do you do this?

Before heading out and taking your dog for a walk, take your time to pacify your pup. If your dog gets excited as soon as it sees the leash, wait for it to calm down. If this does not happen put the leash away or put it on a table to indicate to your dog that unless he is calm you would not be heading out.

Do not expect your dog to calm down instantly- be prepared to keep trying this trick for a few times before your dog understand what is expected of him. Keep repeating this trick all the way until you are on the road ready to take the walk. If you do this trick correctly, you will be able to sort out the matter once and for all rather than being dragged around by your dog all the time.

2. Change the direction of your walk

Assuming that you have calmed your dog before you leave your door, pay close attention as you head out. Check carefully to identify which way your dog is trying to head. If it wants to go left, then you turn right. Take a step to the right and repeat this until it starts taking notice of what you are doing. By doing so you can be sure that your dog is behind you.

All that you need to do is to change direction and go the other way around as soon as your dog pulls. The key here is timeliness- don’t change the direction of your walk after your dog has already strolled out more than a few steps. This is also something which you will have to practice a few times before your dog starts behaving as expected. Be patient and remember to do the needful on time.

3. Choose device with care

To get your dog to heel nowadays there are many types of devices available. In the referred video the trainer instead of the traditional harness (which dogs end up pulling like a cart horse!) makes use of a special harness where the attachment is under the dog’s chin.

4. Be the pack leader in the eyes of your dog

When going for walks the pack leader it expected to lead from the front. It is therefore absolutely essential for you to be considered as a pack leader by your dog. If this does not happen your dog will fight for the spot of a pack leader at the front.

Abovementioned are some basic tips on how to train a puppy to walk on leash without pulling. In addition to these there is whole lot of tricks and tips which you will get to know over a period of time with practice.

For example you will be able to figure out when and where to let your dog have some freedom and go sniff and pee pee. I also took the help of a dog training course which had 7 excellent videos on how to walk your dog correctly. These videos clearly explain how to deal with every issue that may crop up while walking a dog. In fact there was a 30 minute audio instruction too in this course which I listened while I walked to correct my mistakes and train my pup to walk by me. Thanks to this today I not only enjoy my dog’s company but also look forward to walking him. To check out the videos and audio instructions which helped me achieve this in detail please click here.

Where is the Evidence That Your Spouse is Cheating?

Are you suspecting that your partner is having a clandestine affair behind your back but are not sure of it? Do you keep wondering about the person who keeps calling on your spouse’s cell phone a number of times even after your spouse returns from work? Instead of just wondering ‘my husband cheated on me now what” do something to confirm your doubts.

Suspicion unless confirmed cannot be proof of anything. What are some of the evidence that will indicate that your spouse is in fact cheating? Or what will help you confirm that your partner is faithful and trustworthy? Here in this post we are going to share information on some of the physical evidence which will clearly help you confirm your suspicions about a cheating spouse.

Recipts/ Bills for payments made
If your spouse is having an affair chances are that he/she is spending money on the “other person” in their lives. Reciepts of gifts purchased, payment made in restaurants are things which people forget in their pockets. Glove compartment of cars and cabinet drawers where your spouse normally keeps all paperwork is another place you check for such receipts.

Before reading further in case you are interested in watching a free video presentation about how to catch a cheating spouse please click here.





Bank account and credit card statements

These statments will also indicate details of amounts spent by your spouse. Specifically scrutinize and look for significantly large or small amounts of money paid to unknown parties.

Flowers, gas, lunch, dinner or motel room bookings, receipts would clearly indicate to who payments were made and when. If they seem out of the ordinary in any manner you should have it investigated in detail.

Take the help of technology to catch a spouse cheating on you

Other than money affairs need communication to survive. In the present digital age there are plenty of modes of communication – telephone calls, email, mobile text messages, online chats and interaction in forums like facebook, wassup etc).

In case your spouse has a computer/ laptop it may be the storehouse of information which you may be looking for to clarify your doubts. Although all of it may not be of use to you, by checking the email messages both incoming and outgoing you will be able to figure out whether your spouse is communicating with a person of the opposite sex on matters of heart and love. Needless to say to check the mailbox you will need your spouse’s password which may not be easy to get hold of after all. You should be extremely careful while trying to get hold of the password as this is a sensitive matter which if not handled properly can cause a lot of embarrassment.

Checking details of incoming calls and dialed numbers on your spouse’s phone is another thing you can do. SMS messages sent and received can also tell you about secret communication if any, that your partner is having without your knowledge.

In addition to details of calls made and SMS, also check the cell phone billing statement to check for any calls of a long duration has been made frequently to an unknown number. While this may not mean anything it will serve as a starting point to for you to investigate your suspicions further.

Change in Eating habits

Another thing you can look out for is a change of eating habits which often get influenced by a person’s lover. When this happens your spouse will develop a preference for the type of food the other person eats, prepares or the kind of restaurants in which he/she likes to eat. This is particularly evident if a person switches over to the cuisine of different country or nature altogether. It is also one of the easy telltale signs to look out for because it would never occur to a cheating spouse to conceal it.

Sex Life

Change in frequency or quality of sex life together may also be because of your partner cheating on you. Even if you have a slightest of doubts in this regard please do take steps to protect yourself. Be safe and protect yourself from the risk of HIV/AIDS, herpes or other sexually transmitted diseases.

When you doubt your spouse and feel that he/she may be cheating on you it is bound to affect you emotionally. In fact most of us would feel devastated and our self esteem would take a nose dive in response. In fact some of us in desperation give up, feel sorry for ourselves, prefer being treated as a door mat and hang around our spouse.

However a marriage cannot survive on lies and deceit. You owe it to yourself to lead a happy life. Even your spouse does not have the right to disrespect you by behavior or action. So instead of just saying all the time that my husband cheated on me or my wife cheated on me take action and do not let your partner get away with the cheating. If you suspect cheating confirm your suspicion and walk out of the relationship. For more help of how exactly to go about catching a cheating spouse please click here.

Is It Ever Too Late to Save a Relationship?

Is your marriage on the brink of a divorce? Do you want to save your marriage? What are some of the things that can help you get back from the brink of divorce and enjoy your marriage like the good old days? Here in this post we are going to share some simple things you can do to work through your rough marriage phase and salvage it for good. Make use of these and in no time you will realize that it is never too late or impossible to save a relationship

1) Stop the blame game

Marriage involves two people. To make it work well efforts are required on the part of both the partners. It is easy to get away by blaming your spouse for things going wrong in your life. But if you ponder and introspect you will be able to figure out how you could make things work differently by changing your own behavior. If are serious about figuring out an answer to the question how can I save my marriage before it is too late, first thing you must do is to stop blaming your spouse. Take responsibility for your actions without pointing fingers. Change your behavior to make your spouse respond differently. Rather than wondering what your spouse can do differently think what you can do to positively impact your relationship.

2) Start spending time with your spouse and kids

Strains in a relationship are often caused because of partners not spending enough time with each other. This frequently happens because of career demands and pressures. However busy you may be in your job remember your family is your anchor. Take time even if it is 5 minutes every day to spend with your spouse. During this time focus your attention only on your partner. Switch off your mobile phone to ensure that you pay undivided attention for the brief period the two of you spend with each other.



3) Self pity will get you nowhere

Rather than pitying yourself and wondering what the stars are in store for you start making efforts to make your marriage work. Don’t let doubts hold you back. Remember there is no definite answer to the question- is it too late to save my relationship. In fact it is never too late and you hold the answer to this question which will vary depending upon the amount of time and effort you are willing to put in to bring it back from the brink of a divorce. Self confidence and positive faith in self are things you need to ensure that you are successful in saving your marriage.

4) Stop comparing your spouse and marriage to others

Comparison will not get you anywhere. Bear in mind the fact that you married you spouse for what he/she is. You and your partner are the ones who can make or break your relationship. It does not matter if your friends have good marriages or not. The two of you can have fun and stay married provided you are prepared to make it work. Also appearances can be deceptive. What may look like a good marriage from the outside may not really be so, on the inside. So it does not really make sense to compare your marriage to others.

5) Seek professional help if required

When you are looking for help on how to save a marriage on the brink of divorce it may also be worthwhile for you to consult professional counselors and therapists who are expects in the subject of relationship. Therapists help you look at things in an unbiased manner. Things that you discuss with therapists will always be held confidential. Since the therapist is not a party at stake it is fairly easy to open up and discuss issues of marital discord with them. Your counselor or therapist will normally not hesitate to point out your personal flaws (that you may not have realized) which may be impacting the relationship with your spouse. In fact it would be ideal for you to choose one with whom both you and your spouse can consult.

We marry our partners because of certain good qualities and character traits in them. We marry because we love and respect our partners. Once married as time goes by we start taking our spouse for granted. We forget about the special qualities in our partners and stop making efforts to make them feel good. These are common mistakes which cause strains in a relationship. However not all is lost provided you are prepared to make amends. Marriage needs to be nurtured to make it work. We all have it in ourselves to make it work- we only have to figure out how.

Tips for Fixing Your Relationship Before It Is Too Late

Are you having problems in your marriage or relationship? Have you tried all the possible options to fix it without much luck? These days if you scout the internet with a view to find an answer to the question how can I save my relationship before it is too late, you are bound to come across a whole lot of information from counselors, relationship experts and coaches.

In fact we have something called an information overload thanks to internet which often tends to confuse our minds rather than resolving issues. Also it requires a lot of effort and time to patiently listen, read and understand the advice that may come your way in various forms.


Problems in a marriage are a sensitive matter which involves two individuals, their emotions and desires. As soon as problems start cropping up in a marriage both partners experience emotional stress and strain. This stress stops them from seeking solution in a timely manner. It tends to keep them in the self pity mode which does not help to resolve the marital issues involved.

In this post we are going to share in some simple, brief and concise tips on how to fix a relationship before it is too late. We have put together these tips based on what people who have already reconciled and made up for differences in their marriages have said about the process of resolving marital issues. This information is largely what has already worked to patch up things between people in marriages on the brink of a divorce. We have picked these up from excerpts of books written by relationship experts and coaches.

Rough patches in marriages are not unusual. Most of the time these rough patches are mere temporary phases which get resolved with passage of time. These do not cause any major damage to a relationship.

However sometimes the rough patches get stretched.. in fact these are indications of larger problems that may crop up in a marriage if left unattended for long.

Here is how to fix a relationship before the issue becomes too difficult to resolve
1)Communicate – the first things couples do in protest of a fight or a disagreement with one another is to stop talking to each other. Marriage is a bond which cannot come to an end because of an argument. It is based on love, trust and faith. If you believe that it is a life-long thing don’t let trivial things make you stop speaking to your spouse. It is best to move on irrespective of unpleasant exchanges between the two of you. In fact if you take the lead and start speaking to your spouse immediately after a disagreement he/she will appreciate you for your magnanimous, mature behavior and feel guilty about his/her own childish one.

2)Calm your nerves before you blurt out- normally when we are in disagreement with someone we get emotionally upset. In addition to the core issue which may have caused disagreement in the first place we start arguing unnecessarily about irrelevant matters which may be out of context. Be mindful of what you say and how you say it during such times. In fact if possible avoid getting into an argument when you are not in the right frame of mind, lest you may end up saying things which you never meant to say to your spouse. Every time you speak to your spouse calm your nerves. Count 10 before you lose your cool and express anger on any issue.

3)Forget Pride– best relationships are the ones in which both partners believe in forgetting and forgiving. When going through a rough phase remember the good times when you absolutely trusted your partner and no matter what he/she said your love was unconditional. Forget your pride on petty matters. Be the first one to apologize after a fight or an argument with your (it does not matter at all if the fault was your partner’s who did not even apologize). You will be amazed at how impressed you partner will be. When you swallow your pride and take the initiative to set things right, you will make your spouse realize how much you love him/her and the kind of things you are prepared to do to please your partner.

Marriages are made in heaven but lived in the earth. Every marriage is bound to have difficulties. In fact psychologists are of the opinion that differences are good for a healthy relationship.

However don’t let the differences of opinion and disagreement with your spouse influence the love and respect which you have for your partner.

Ensure that feelings of revenge, pride and hurtful behavior do not interfere with your marriage. Most importantly believe that you can fix your marriage issues regardless of whether your relationship is going through a temporary rough phase or something more serious. Issues however serious can be resolved it is entirely in your hands, you are the crucial factor who can take action to salvage a relationship. Remember there is no definite answer to the question- when is it too late to save a relationship. If you are prepared to work and put in efforts it is never too late!

Food Rewards To Train A Dog- To Use or Not?

When training your dog is it alright to make use of food? Rather does making use of food amount to cheating when training a dog? This is a very common concern which most new dog owners worry about. Worry because they are not only concerned about using food as bait but also not very confident about training their dog in the first place.

In this post I am going to explain some details which will take some of the dog owners completely by surprise. It may be contrary to what they would have heard from other dog owners, friends or read up on the internet.

When I got my pup home and started training it, my colleague who already owned a dog advised me never to use food to get a dog to respond. His logic was that once a dog is trained with food it will listen to you only if you have food in your hand. This is not right. Doggy Dan, the world famous dog trainer from, advises that initially it is ok to train a dog by showing food as a reward.


training banner

Before reading further in case you are interested in taking a look at look at Doggy Dan’s complete dog and puppy training site which is available for $1 please click here.

Why start dog training with food?

The purpose of training a dog is to ensure that it responds to your commands. So there is absolutely no harm in using food when you start your training. Once your dog learns to respond to your commands without thinking about it, you can gradually fade out the food.

Fading the food during dog training is a very crucial aspect and is also referred to as using ‘random rewards’ by professional dog trainers. Fading the food involves simple little steps detailed below

a)start giving your dog the treat from inside your hand so that it is not able to see it.
b)Rather than rewarding each and every time start rewarding your pup or dog only every 2nd time
c)Switch over to reward only every 3rd time and gradually decrease the frequency of rewards
d)Finally space out the rewards with the aim of making it random reward in definition and practice too.

There is a frequently heard myth about using food to train a dog: – dogs should just be happy to work for you without any food rewards.

People who may not have formally trained a dog often believe this. Also dog owners who believe in making use of force and fear to train a dog do not prefer luring dogs with food during the obedience training sessions. However this is considered a myth and in today’s environment pets too are treated with respect, love and care.

Gone are the days when dogs were trained forcefully. Majority of dog trainers nowadays do believe that there should be some reward at the end of a hard training session for a dog.

Now what the reward should be is something that can be debated upon. Some dogs are easy to please and the reward they expect for obeying commands may be as simple as being petted or cuddled.

One the other hand there is another category of dogs who constantly think about what their next meal is going to be. This category of dogs (although may like to be patted, cuddled and played with) need much more than being cuddled to obey commands. You can lure these dogs and get them to do what you want with the help of food treats.

To conclude

Rather than worrying about using food treats to train a dog, feel free to do so!

Ensure that you make efforts to start to fading out the rewards after a reasonable period of time. You will be able to judge on your own after a month or two of training when to start the fading.

Finally there will come a point when you give food treats to your dog only every 5th or 10th time and eventually no treat at all.

Do the fading at your own pace depending upon how well your dog responds to the treat being withdrawn.

Trust information in this post has cleared up a few things about whether to use food treats while training a dog or not.

In our next post we will provide details on how to boost the effect of using food rewards and also tell you which food treats will get the results you desire.

Food treats to train a pup or dog is just one of many aspects of training a dog. In case you are looking for a comprehensive dog training solution program replete with action, videos on a whole lot of issues pertaining to dogs it may be worthwhile for you to check out Doggy Dan’s complete dog and puppy training Website. Dan is currently giving you a $1 trial of the site for 3 days! To get your access now please CLICK HERE

Amy Waterman’s Save My Marriage Today Program- An Honest Review

Marriages involve two different individuals who commit to stay together for good. Some marriages last for years, in some problems crop up and get resolved fast and there are many others which get to the brink of divorce due to irreconcilable differences between the partners. In the present decade because of low tolerance level, career pressures, extra marital affairs etc more and more marriages end in a divorce.

The causes of marriages failing can be many ranging from personal differences, mid life crisis, infidelity to name a few. Many people manage to save their marriage by actually putting in timely efforts to make it work.

In case you are having problems in your marriage and don’t want to risk the possibility of being divorced, broke, lonely or let your spouse walk away with another person it is time you did something to salvage it while you still have a chance.

There is plenty of help available on how to save a marriage from divorce ranging from marriage counselors, chat forums, online forums to ebooks. In this post we have reviewed one such relationship saving ebook Save My Marriage Today by Amy Waterman.

This program promises to help people identify the most destructive things that they could be doing to their marriage. With the help of a unique psychological tweak the author of this program Amy says it is possible to get rid of bad emotions, prevent cheating, reduce negativity and detect lies in a marriage. Some of the simple things which can impact the quality of marriage like career issues, challenges which arise because of the birth of child etc are covered extensively in this system making it one of a kind marriage saving guides.

Before we get into the details of this program we would like to share some details about its author Amy Waterman. Amy is a professional writer specializing in subjects of attraction, more specifically marriage counseling and relationship guidance. She has vast experience of having helped people to

  • re-establish love,
  • fix unhappy marriages and relationships (for both men and women)
  • bring back the missing love and communication in marriages(which used to be good once upon a time

Amy the author and host of Save My Marriage Today has also co-authored and hosted a number of popular online courses such as How to Be Irresistible to Men, Make Every Man Want You More, 2nd Chance: How to Win Back the Love of Your Ex to name a few.

Specifically to fix broken marriages, marriages that are about to break or relationships on the brink of a divorce, Amy is of the opinion that individuals concerned have the power to influence and control the course of the marriage. In Amy’s words “by acting the way you want to feel rather than acting to your situation you can stop the deterioration of your marriage in its tracks and set it on the path to healing and recovery”. In effect this program teaches how by changing yourself you can actually save your marriage

Before reading futher in case you are interested in reading a free extract on The Six Most Common Reasons for Divorce & How to Stop Them Happening to You please click here

What is unique about this Program?

If you scout the internet you will come across many save marriage ebooks and guides. During the course of our research we reviewed a few such self help guides to check and compare with this guide

Here is some of the unique stuff which is covered in this program which we came across

a)Details of one of the most destructive things you could be doing to your marriage right now which may be reducing your chances of saving it.

b)Two emotions (which need to keep under control) that you may be holding onto which may be pushing your spouse away from you perhaps into the arms of another woman.

c)The 4 step formula to help prevent cheating in marriage and rebuild a stronger relationship

d)A powerful psychological tweak to reduce negative thoughts and feelings and help you view your spouse with trust, love, and happiness
e)Simple tactics to detect lies and smokescreens in a relationship.

f)Strategies to resolve marriage conflicts in a constructive and less emotionally stressful manner

g)Manner in which to respond to criticisms from a partner- how to interpret criticisms and react positively to diffuse a situation much before it goes out of control.


save marraige

Pros of the program

  • People who may be having problems in their relationships/ marriages normally will not be their emotional best. In fact many get into the depression and self pity mode from which it is difficult to come out. This ebook empowers people to take charge of their lives and relationships. It shows how to get out of the self pity mode and become confident to handle relationship in a positive manner. This we believe is one of the greatest strengths of this program as compared to other programs which teach how to avoid divorce and save your marriage.
  • Amy and her specially trained staff of relationship experts provide free one on one advice via email to specific problems faced by members who subscribe to this program. All that you need to do is to send an email to the Save the Marriage Today team giving details of your problem. You will get a prompt, frank perspective and advice from her consultants on the issue you may have raised.
  • The program is extremely laid out well and written in simple language which easy for all to understand.
  • The information provided in this guide is in a step-by-step manner which makes it really easy for users to follow.
  • This program is available for immediate download and use – no need for it to be shipped or posted.
  • This program can be used from the confines of your home in your own time. There is no need for you to seek appointments and set aside time to figure out how to bring back the lost love, romance and respect into your marriage.

Cons of the program

  • To benefit from this ebook it is not enough to just buy it. It will require a lot of personal effort and time on part of users to follow the instructions mentioned therein to benefit from it. Putting into practice the tricks and tips recommended therein will determine how far this guide will actually help people having problems with their marriage

    The Save my marriage today program is in pdf format. Users may be required to print a copy of the same for ready reference as it may not always be possible to refer to it on a computer

To keep a marriage alive it is important for both the partners involved to put in efforts. When this does not happen or if the partners take each other for granted the marriage stops growing. Relationships have to be nurtured for it to grow and flourish. Amy Watermans Save My Marriage today teaches you how to do this.

If you feel that your marriage is going through a rocky period and need help on how to save a marriage on the brink of divorce, then some of the tips and advice in this ebook can be of help to you. The relationship advice in this book is positive, balanced and based on years of real life practical experience of the author. There are plenty of lessons which teach users how to look at their lives from a different angle. With the help of practical examples users get to know simple do-it-yourself tricks to salvage relationships.

In case you are willing to go through the program and follow the instructions contained therein then this guide will be of help to you. Before subscribing to this program it may also be worthwhile for you to check out what other people who have already used this program are saying about it. To do this, visit the Save My Marriage Today website by clicking here.