Where is the Evidence That Your Spouse is Cheating?

By | November 11, 2014

Are you suspecting that your partner is having a clandestine affair behind your back but are not sure of it? Do you keep wondering about the person who keeps calling on your spouse’s cell phone a number of times even after your spouse returns from work? Instead of just wondering ‘my husband cheated on me now what” do something to confirm your doubts.

Suspicion unless confirmed cannot be proof of anything. What are some of the evidence that will indicate that your spouse is in fact cheating? Or what will help you confirm that your partner is faithful and trustworthy? Here in this post we are going to share information on some of the physical evidence which will clearly help you confirm your suspicions about a cheating spouse.

Recipts/ Bills for payments made
If your spouse is having an affair chances are that he/she is spending money on the “other person” in their lives. Reciepts of gifts purchased, payment made in restaurants are things which people forget in their pockets. Glove compartment of cars and cabinet drawers where your spouse normally keeps all paperwork is another place you check for such receipts.

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Bank account and credit card statements

These statments will also indicate details of amounts spent by your spouse. Specifically scrutinize and look for significantly large or small amounts of money paid to unknown parties.

Flowers, gas, lunch, dinner or motel room bookings, receipts would clearly indicate to who payments were made and when. If they seem out of the ordinary in any manner you should have it investigated in detail.

Take the help of technology to catch a spouse cheating on you

Other than money affairs need communication to survive. In the present digital age there are plenty of modes of communication – telephone calls, email, mobile text messages, online chats and interaction in forums like facebook, wassup etc).

In case your spouse has a computer/ laptop it may be the storehouse of information which you may be looking for to clarify your doubts. Although all of it may not be of use to you, by checking the email messages both incoming and outgoing you will be able to figure out whether your spouse is communicating with a person of the opposite sex on matters of heart and love. Needless to say to check the mailbox you will need your spouse’s password which may not be easy to get hold of after all. You should be extremely careful while trying to get hold of the password as this is a sensitive matter which if not handled properly can cause a lot of embarrassment.

Checking details of incoming calls and dialed numbers on your spouse’s phone is another thing you can do. SMS messages sent and received can also tell you about secret communication if any, that your partner is having without your knowledge.

In addition to details of calls made and SMS, also check the cell phone billing statement to check for any calls of a long duration has been made frequently to an unknown number. While this may not mean anything it will serve as a starting point to for you to investigate your suspicions further.

Change in Eating habits

Another thing you can look out for is a change of eating habits which often get influenced by a person’s lover. When this happens your spouse will develop a preference for the type of food the other person eats, prepares or the kind of restaurants in which he/she likes to eat. This is particularly evident if a person switches over to the cuisine of different country or nature altogether. It is also one of the easy telltale signs to look out for because it would never occur to a cheating spouse to conceal it.

Sex Life

Change in frequency or quality of sex life together may also be because of your partner cheating on you. Even if you have a slightest of doubts in this regard please do take steps to protect yourself. Be safe and protect yourself from the risk of HIV/AIDS, herpes or other sexually transmitted diseases.

When you doubt your spouse and feel that he/she may be cheating on you it is bound to affect you emotionally. In fact most of us would feel devastated and our self esteem would take a nose dive in response. In fact some of us in desperation give up, feel sorry for ourselves, prefer being treated as a door mat and hang around our spouse.

However a marriage cannot survive on lies and deceit. You owe it to yourself to lead a happy life. Even your spouse does not have the right to disrespect you by behavior or action. So instead of just saying all the time that my husband cheated on me or my wife cheated on me take action and do not let your partner get away with the cheating. If you suspect cheating confirm your suspicion and walk out of the relationship. For more help of how exactly to go about catching a cheating spouse please click here.

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