What to Write in Your First Text Message To A Girl or A Boy

By | May 17, 2012

Not sure about what to write in your first text message to a girl or a boy you are dating? Are you clueless about it or simple confused and nervous? Without wasting too much about why you are not able to write it yourself here are simple tips to get you texting the right way to the right ( you should know this better) girl/boy of your life!

Here in this post we are taking the example of a boy sending a text message to a girl to kindle some romance into their lives. The same tips are applicable and can be used by a girl sending a text message to a boy she may be dating.

Why do you need to send a text message to a girl for 1st time? So as to let her know who you are and make her comfortable with the idea of exchanging text messages. Your message need not be funny or contain facts or figures. Just aim to ensure that it makes her comfortable and feel good about giving you her phone number.

1st test message

Without wasting much time of the right and the wrong way let us get into the actual messaging. Here’s what you write in the first text message to a girl…

If you can think of a fun way of reminding her about who you are start with it. For example if you met her at a common friends house when she spilled a little drink on you by mistake you could text her “Hey, it’s Billy, the guy you poured your drink over at Sally’s place” and that’s it!

The idea is to just refresh her memory and reintroduce yourself in a polite fun way.

2nd Text Message

In the second message you must attempt to make her feel that you are not afraid to be yourself. She must consider you to be a fun guy with whom she can just be herself. An example would be “ Just passed Sally’s place without getting wet or dirty”

3rd text message

By this time both of you would have a fair idea about each others nature and personality. Trust your instincts and if your gut feeling tells you that it is the time to wrap up texting and ask her for a date, do so. Don’t text her “Let’s have a date this weekend” instead say something like “Care to have a drink with me on Saturday?”
Again there is no point in being fancy and send her a flowery message. Depending upon her response which could be “Ok” or “ I am not free on Saturday can we do it on Friday” text her back “Cool, let us meet up at XYZ bar near your house” etc…

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