Training A Puppy To Walk On A Leash Without Pulling

By | November 12, 2014

If you are like me who got a sore shoulder from my dog pulling and yanking me down the street, then this post may be an interesting read for you.
Trust me when I got my pup home initially I used to dread to walk my dog. I checked with my friends who already owned pups as to how to train a puppy to walk on leash without pulling. I got a lot of advice but most of it did not seem to work. Leash training a puppy that pulls requires much more than mere verbal advice of dog owners.

Finally I did manage to train my pup to walk without pulling- it took me a couple of months to learn the dos and don’ts. Here for the benefit of others like me who may be looking for advice on how to stop your dog from pulling on the leash I have summarized my learning.

To train a dog to walk by your side without pulling it can take any amount of time ranging from 5 minutes to 5 months!
Before reading further in case you are interested in checking out how it can be down in as little as 5 minutes please BELOW

Just like the dog in the above video if your dog too gets charged up as soon as it realizes that it is about to be taken for a walk, it will not be easy to train it to walk beside you. In fact you should pacify your dog and ensure that it is calm before you head out. How do you do this?

Before heading out and taking your dog for a walk, take your time to pacify your pup. If your dog gets excited as soon as it sees the leash, wait for it to calm down. If this does not happen put the leash away or put it on a table to indicate to your dog that unless he is calm you would not be heading out.

Do not expect your dog to calm down instantly- be prepared to keep trying this trick for a few times before your dog understand what is expected of him. Keep repeating this trick all the way until you are on the road ready to take the walk. If you do this trick correctly, you will be able to sort out the matter once and for all rather than being dragged around by your dog all the time.

2. Change the direction of your walk

Assuming that you have calmed your dog before you leave your door, pay close attention as you head out. Check carefully to identify which way your dog is trying to head. If it wants to go left, then you turn right. Take a step to the right and repeat this until it starts taking notice of what you are doing. By doing so you can be sure that your dog is behind you.

All that you need to do is to change direction and go the other way around as soon as your dog pulls. The key here is timeliness- don’t change the direction of your walk after your dog has already strolled out more than a few steps. This is also something which you will have to practice a few times before your dog starts behaving as expected. Be patient and remember to do the needful on time.

3. Choose device with care

To get your dog to heel nowadays there are many types of devices available. In the referred video the trainer instead of the traditional harness (which dogs end up pulling like a cart horse!) makes use of a special harness where the attachment is under the dog’s chin.

4. Be the pack leader in the eyes of your dog

When going for walks the pack leader it expected to lead from the front. It is therefore absolutely essential for you to be considered as a pack leader by your dog. If this does not happen your dog will fight for the spot of a pack leader at the front.

Abovementioned are some basic tips on how to train a puppy to walk on leash without pulling. In addition to these there is whole lot of tricks and tips which you will get to know over a period of time with practice.

For example you will be able to figure out when and where to let your dog have some freedom and go sniff and pee pee. I also took the help of a dog training course which had 7 excellent videos on how to walk your dog correctly. These videos clearly explain how to deal with every issue that may crop up while walking a dog. In fact there was a 30 minute audio instruction too in this course which I listened while I walked to correct my mistakes and train my pup to walk by me. Thanks to this today I not only enjoy my dog’s company but also look forward to walking him. To check out the videos and audio instructions which helped me achieve this in detail please click here.

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