How to Work on Oil Rigs With No Experience

By | March 6, 2013

The oil industry is extremely large. Hence there are plenty of oil rigs jobs needed to crew the new drilling rigs. Are you one of those people who have been wondering “ how to work on oil rigs with no experience” ? Well the answer is pretty simple. If you are physically fit, young and willing to put in hard work you should have not trouble getting a job in an oil rig. And oh, another important thing I have not mentioned- if you are one of those who is not willing to get your hands dirty, forget about how to get an oil rig job.

How to get oil rig job with no experience- is it actually possible?

The best way to get started in this industry if you have no experience is to get a job on a land-based oil rig initially. You will be hired as a general laborer or “Roustaboutbs” as they are called. In this position you will have to work hard for a few months after which you will be eligible to be promoted as a “Roughneck”. Although this position also involves a of manual labor, it will give you a chance to supervise a few roustabouts and help out specialized drillers and Derrickhands. In a matter of 3-5 years (maybe less if you are lucky) if your employers find that you have the  right attitude and willingness to work hard you may be promoted as a Driller (2nd highest rank on the oil rig).

Did you know that to land a oil rig job you need not have any formal education!

A university degree is not very useful on board an oil rig. However technical qualifications such as an electrician or mechanic, can be useful for landing in jobs in the motor room or electrical department of an oil rig. Similarly rig crew eat on board, so a chef or a cook is always required. A qualification in medicine can also be useful to get a rig job since oil rig jobs are pretty hazardous.

Offshore oil rig is covered under maritime law. Hence, if you are seriously looking out for an answer to the question “how to work on oil rigs with no experience” it may be worthwhile to update yourself regarding some of the basic provisions of this law. Additionally different countries have different set of requirements for recruiting people in rigs. To quote an example if you are based in the UK you will need to undergo an offshore survival and firefighting course.Similarly other countries stipulate may their own set of requirements which you need to fulfill.

Hopefully this article has provided you sufficient information to answer the question “how to work on oil rigs with no experience”. There is no specific skill set required to get started you on an oil rig job. It pays to make small beginnings and work up your way to lucrative offshore drilling rigs. has been helping people get offshore oil rig jobs since 1998.

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